Tick Tock... It's Time

Hii, I'm Vanessa. I'm 15 years old.
My story? I'm in love with an older boy, he's 21.
But I can't date him, it's against the rules.
What am I going do about it?
Just read.

PS. See the trailer.


1. Today, is not my day

Vanessa, come, we're all waiting for you.

''Yes mom, I'm coming''.

Jeezz, when I come downstairs, she have to pee, do her make up and say goodbye to our parrot.

Why is she so annoying?!

We are going to the beach today.

My little brother has his flippers al on his feet.


~In the car~

''Mom turn up the radio''

''No, I hate this kind of music''

''But I love It, you are so old fashio...''

BOOM! The car was on fire. I heard myself scream, I had so much pain. I can't breath

Suddenly, I feel fresh air. Someone pulled my out. I didn't know who it was, but I love Him/Her.

Wait! My family.

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