Love at First Sight



1. The day

  Me and Taylor were walking to class. She was wearing a blue ballerina like dress. She was the prettier more popular one. I was wearing a grey and black checkered jacket with my saxophone shirt. I was wearing jeans and Taylor was wearing clear tights. Somehow me and her had became friends, maybe because we both loved One Direction.

   She always said she would marry Louis, everyone thought it was true. They would make a cute couple. She had long curly blonde hair. She hardly wore any makeup she was what they call a "Natural Beauty".

  I always said I was gonna marry Niall. We were both Irish! I said but ye no one thought that would ever happen! I wore butt loads of mascara and eye liner. I looked really pretty with it all on, well that's what I thought. I have long ginger hair. I teased it a lot it looked good, I guess.

  Well me and Taylor were walking to 1st period. We had band first period. I played the saxophone and Taylor played the flute. We were two of the best players in Mr.Sheralds class. I sat in the last row and Taylor sat I the first row.

  We walked into the classroom.

  "Hello Taylor, hello Tohru. Please take your seats" Mr.Sherald said.

  We walked to our seats.

  Beep beep beep..

 That was our first bell. That ment shutup and listen.

 " Settle down class! I have a very important news for the girls and maybe some of you boys" Mr.Sherald said.

   Every body settled down. Mr.Sherald always had the best news.

  "A very famous band will be coming here. It's a british boy band, also known as One Direction. You can bu" Mr.Sherald couldn't finish because me and Taylor had started screaming along with the rest of the girls in the class.

  "SETTLE DOWN CLASS" Mr.Sherald yelled.

  Most of the girls blushed in the class including me and Taylor.

  "You can buy tickets today and through out the week the concert is on Friday. The tickets cost 20 dollars. For a VIP ticket it cos 50 dollars. If you get a VIP you can meet the band" Mr.Sherald said.

  After school me and Taylor rushed home. She lived next door.

  I rushed inside.

  "Mom! Can I have 50 dollars" I asked.

  "Why? Why do you need that much money" my mother asked.

  "One Direction concert need money to see show at school VIP ticket means you get to meet them eeeeeee" I started fangirling.

  "Ok I'll buy you it, I know how much you love them"my mother said.

  "Thanks I love you".

  I ran upstairs and jumped on my bed. I texted Taylor: DUDE GO TO YOUR WINDOW AND OPEN IT NOWW!!!!!!!!

  I ran to my window and opened it. I saw Taylor open hers.

  "OMG DUDE"Taylor yelled.

  "I GOT VIP TICKETS"I yelled.

  "EEEE same with me".

  "I can't wait for Friday".

  "Me too".



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