Love at First Sight



2. Love at First Sight

  Friday had come by fast. I woke up super early to get ready. I ran to my closet and looked through it. I grabbed my skirt that had printed paper clips on it. I then grabbed a plain black shirt and my jacket from the day before.

  I went down stairs my mom hadn't made breakfast so I made some toast.

  I ran out the door and waited outside Taylor's house. Who ever woke up first did this. II knocked on the door and Taylor walked out. She was wearing a red dress similar to the one from Monday. She wore red stilletos and a red heart necklace.

  "Woah dude you look amazing"I said.

  "Same with you come on now lets go" Taylor yelled.



  Almost all the girls at school were dressed up. Me and Taylor went to where we hung out in the morning, it was in the back of the school where nobody went. We sat on the ground. We saw a limo driving toward us. The limo stopped in front of us.

  The door of the limo opened. A foot stepped out attached to the foot was a leg, and to that leg was a body, and to that body a head, the head of Harry Styles.

  "Now please don't scream we don't want anyone to find us till after the concert"Harry said.

  "We won't because your gay. Now tell Louis and Niall to come out pleeeaaaassssseeeee"me and Taylor said at the same time.

  "Everytime! Nobody ever likes Harry! Louis! Niall! These two girls wanna see you"Harry yelled.

  Out of the limo came Niall and Louis. Niall was wearing white jeans, a white shirt, and a white scarf. Louis was wearing the same but with a blue scarf.

  "Hello ladies" Louis paused he walked over to Taylor," May I say your the prettiest girl I've ever seen. May I ask whats your name".

  Taylor blushed.

  "My name is Taylor".

  Niall walked over to me.

  "Hello. You already know who I am , but I don't know who you are. May I have your name" Niall asked.

  I put on a big smile,, I was trying not to blush. But I knew I was.

  "I'm Tohru" I muttered.

  "Tohru... Is that Japenese or something, because you don't look Japenese" Niall said, he sounded shocked.

  "It's Jappenese, and no I'm not Japenese my mom just loved this one manga. I'm Irish".

  "Really?! You most likely already know this but I am too" Niall looked at his watch, "Look at the time, we gotta go to our concert. Louis, Harry come on we gotta go".



  "OMG dude I can't believe that just happened" Taylor yelled.

  ""Well it just happened I was just there" I said.

  "Well lets go the the concert".



  Me and Taylor handed the principal our tickets. We walked over to the vip section. There was only five other girls there. One Direction walked on stage, the hole lunch room went crazy.

  "Hello Yulee High School"Liam yelled.

  "We hope everyone here enjoy our concert" Harry said. Fewer girls screamed when he talked.

  "And better yet two lucky ladies or men will get to come on stage with us" Zayn said.

  They started to sing. Me and Taylor were dancing. I had started to notice that the concert was almost over. I had noticed they hadn't yet played my favorite song, What Makkes You Beautiful.

  Then they started to sing it and everyone sscreamed. Niall reached his hand out to me. Then everything went black.




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