Lost in the Ash

Mila had always wondered how she had ended up in her state. No parents, no money, no real place to call home. It was all a mystery, until one night, Mila relives a terrible fate ...in her dreams.


1. Home

Hi, my name's Mila. I am 14 years old and I live with my cousin. Many people might think we live in a house, but they would be wrong , me and my cousin live in a cosy cardboard box (note the sarcasm). It is getting harder and harder to pay the costs of living each day. Markus (my cousin) and I count our blessings that we are able bodied enough to go and hunt , if it weren't for that, I'm not sure if we would be alive right now. 


Our carboard box is situated in our little villiage. Only the homeless live in it and we have to pool our resources to help each other live but that still doesn't seem to be enough, recently we've had 3 neighbours die. Everyone wants to think it's from hypothermia as it is the coldest winter on record, but everyone knows we are slowly starving. It is usually during these harsh winter months (when i have nothing better to do) that I sit and think about how we got ourselves into this mess. Don't get me wrong, I love the way everyone gets treated like family but I have always wanted to know what happened to my real parents. I only know that we had to escape the city because of a disaster and some people got left behind. I keep asking Markus if we can return but he always says it's too dangerous.

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