El Taco Grande



2. My One And Only

So I decided, to do nothing. Pretend like it never happened, but as I look around I notice everybody's face is in discuss. They are looking at one another and as I read on persons lips, I knew they were talking about me, because the man turned to his wife and said "do you smell that?" And just as I thought my life was over, Taco Bell girl farts too! I knew that she didn't really need to fart she just wanted to make me feel better! At that moment I knew I had found the love of my life. 

In my pocket I had 2 backstage meet & greet passes. And I knew it was her that I wanted to give the second pass to. "Ariana will just love her," I thought in my head. Taco Bell girl and I enjoyed the rest of the concert as we held hands. The concert was sadly over. It felt as if it flew by, and now it was finally time that we get to meet Ariana.

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