The One For Me

This Story Kinda Relates To My Personal Life, and what I wish could happen to me. This is about a girl named Hollie. She hasn't always had a good stable life and Austin means the world to her. Could he possibly be the one that saves her?


1. Remembering The Past


Today is just any normally ordinary day for me. I wake up wishing I was dead just as any other day. I always question myself why it all has to be this way. Ever since I was little I haven't been happy. My parents have been divorced for awhile now and both on drugs. My so called mother gave me and my brother up to our grandma about 6 years ago. No child should know what it feels like to not be loved.

I'm 14 now and things aren't getting any better, I guess you could say. High School isn't all fun and games and I'm also very insecure and not happy with myself. I've never been the so called "Pretty Girl" or popular at all. Recently I tried cutting to take all of my pain away. I know right what was I thinking?

The one and only positive thing about my life is that I have this amazing idol that I would absolutely do anything for. He keeps me going. He's the reason I'm here. When I'm having dark times he's the light at the end of my tunnel. With out him I don't know what I would do. I'm sure your all wondering who this amazing person is right? Austin Carter Mahone.

I've been a Mahomie for quite sometime now, I actually remember the day that I found him and my life was changed for ever. August 12th 2010. Ever since then I've dedicated my life to him. I spend hours of the day on twitter just to see his beautiful face and keep up with what he's doing. My dream has always been to meet him, but I know deep down inside that it will never happen. He will always just be a dream to me, a beautiful dream.


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