The One For Me

This Story Kinda Relates To My Personal Life, and what I wish could happen to me. This is about a girl named Hollie. She hasn't always had a good stable life and Austin means the world to her. Could he possibly be the one that saves her?


2. Moving On


I can't take this pain any longer I tell myself as I pack my bags. I need to do something more with my life, Even if it means running away. Locking myself up in my room everyday after school isn't going to get me anywhere. I walk down stairs with my bags to where my grandparents are as tears fill my eyes. My Grandma speaks up and says to me ' Sweetie what's wrong? Why are your bags packed?" I look at her and I could tell she could see the pain in my eyes. Trying to stop the tears as she sits me down in the chair, I tell her what's been going on and how I can't take living in such a small town of Kentucky anymore. She told me that she understood where I was coming from and that she could help. I stand up in shock wondering what she was going to say next. As I wipe the tears from my face she says " How about I give your aunt Karen a call, the one who comes up every summer, she would love for you to come and stay with her for awhile" I stood and thought for a moment about my aunt. I've never been really close to her, she's only around once a year because she lives in a different state. Then it hit me, Wouldn't that be perfect? A Different state, a new start but most importantly a new life.

As I come back to reality and look at my grandma I answer her question with a yes. She picks up the phone and starts pressing buttons. When my aunt answered and they started talking I could hear the excitement in her voice through the phone as she say " Of Course We Would Love For Hollie to Come Stay With Us." As they were getting off the phone my grandma smiles and looks at me as tears filled her eyes. " I can't believe your growing up and leaving us" she says. I hug her and started asking questions. She told me that she was taking me to the airport tomorrow to catch a flight out to her hometown, I smiled and said thank you, thank you for everything. I could tell that she didn't want me to leave but knew it was the best for me and my future. She replied with a smile while saying "Better run upstairs and get EVERYTHING of yours ready for tomorrow" While looking down at the little bag I had in my hand. I giggled a little then turned around and headed for my room. While walking up the stairs I started thinking about my aunt. I don't know her that well but what I did know is that she was beautiful, she practically lived the perfect life from what I've heard. Apparently she lives in the city, somewhere close to the ocean, maybe that's why she always had a good tan I thought to myself. I giggled at my recent thought then turned around and yelled down to my grandma, Hey where exactly does aunt Karen live anyways? She then replied with a yell from the kitchen, "She lives in Florida, Miami Florida." and with those three words I officially knew that my life was changed forever, not only did I get to start off clean I would be less then minutes away from the one who made my life worth living.



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