catch me

On their break the boys of One Direction decide to go to the beach. They have a lot of fun, smimming and laying on the beach, untill Harry decides to go cliffdiving. What they don't know is it's very dangerous there and, but it's already to late when find out and Harry already jumped. Louis is there to save him but things will never be the same again. Harry struggles with the fact he will be limping for the rest of his life and goes to a hard time, but there is that one girl that makes him believe that after train there's sunshine.


7. wait for me

Harry's p.o.v.

I woke up because someone was shacking me. 'Wake up Harry, wake up! We need to get ready!' I groaned and turned around, my face in my pillow. I heard Louis sigh. 'Just a few more minutes.' I pleated, but instead of eltting my sleep he gave me a push and I fell out of the bed. 'Ouch, was that really necessary?' 'You're almost as worse as Zayn, please, get ready.' Louis left the room. I turned on my back but no matter how I tried, I couldn't get up. 'Louis...Louis!...LOUIS!' Louis came running into the room again. 'What, what's wrong?...Where are you?' 'Still on the floor.' 'Oh...' Louis walked towards me and helped me to get back on my feeth. 'I'm sorry Hazz.' 'It's okay.' I limped to the bathroom and looked at myself, no I'm not going to let myself down. I got dressed, my first hard task of the day. When that was done I combed my hair to the side. 'Do you want bacon with your eggs?' Louis shouted from the hallway. 'Ofcourse.' I shouted back. I took a deep breath. 


'There you are.' Louis said as he filled two plates with bacon and eggs. I took a chair oppsite of Louis. 'Are you ready to go on tour again?' I asked. Louis gave me a smile. 'Ofcourse, I've waited so long to go back to America.' 'When do we need to be at the airport?' 'Niall texted me, we need to be there in half on hour.' I nodded and ate me brealfast. When we were done eating I brushed me teeth and took a quick shower. Louis brought us to the airport. Zayn, Liam and Niall were already waiting. 'They welcomed us with the usual hugs, but I thought Niall was going to hold me forever. 'Let's go.' He said as he eventually let me go. We walked to the gate and when we stood next to the plane my stomach made a turn. 'Are you okay Harry?' Zayn asked. 'How am I going to get up that stairs?' Niall took my wrist and Liam took the other one. 'Like this.' Zayn said as he shoved hands under my armpits for extra support. Eventually I got there. 



I dropped myself on the hotelbed. 'tired?' Niall asked, I shared my room with him. 'You have no idea.' When we tried to get into pur hotel so many fans blocked the way. I wanted to meet all of them but ofcourse there was no time. When Paul tried to pull me with him I almost tripped. So many girls were shouting my name and some nice things, I wanted to thank them but there was no time. Now I was in the hotelroom, thinking about tomorrow's concert. 'There will only be one stage.' Niall said, happy as always.' I sighed in relief. 'That's great, really great.'

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