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On their break the boys of One Direction decide to go to the beach. They have a lot of fun, smimming and laying on the beach, untill Harry decides to go cliffdiving. What they don't know is it's very dangerous there and, but it's already to late when find out and Harry already jumped. Louis is there to save him but things will never be the same again. Harry struggles with the fact he will be limping for the rest of his life and goes to a hard time, but there is that one girl that makes him believe that after train there's sunshine.


25. love, friendship and hope

Harry's p.o.v.

Every day I practised walking, and every day I got better at it. I left the hospital a few times a week to go on small dates with Holly and slowly the weather was getting better. It took a long time but finally I could show the world a real smile again. There was just one thing that didn't escape my mind: the fact that Louis and Zayn didn't speak to eachother since the day they had a fight. when they couldn't avoid eachother, what they for sure tried, they pretended not to see eachother. 


I managed to walk a around the room on my own, every step I made was a step closer to having a normal life again. When I was tired I was sitting in roomp of the rehabilitation, together withh everyone els, including Josh who came around often. 'Things are going great uh?' Niall cooed, happy as always. 'I think it want take long anymore until you're able to walk around again.' Luke said. I looked at them and realised a had a great bunch of friends, more then great, they were just perfect. 'If I'm released from the hospital I want to go on tour again as fast as possible.' I said. they nodded. 'I miss touring.' Liam said. 'Me to. I can't wait to learn Josh's best drumtricks.' Ashton said as he looked at Josh who pretended to drum as reply. 'We are still going to tour together right?' Zayn asked. 'I liked at the boys of Five Seconds Of Summer, and then back to the boys of my own band, we weren't even sitting in seperate groups, we were one group of friends, having the best time of there life.


I was enjoying a lazy day, just lying in bed, Holly cuddled up next me. 'What will happen to me if you are going on tour again?' Holly asked. 'I'm afraid I won't see you for a long time when you leave.' I pulled her closer andshe laid her had on my chest. 'Don't worry, we will find a way, maybe we can take you with us on tour, EleanorPerrie, and Danielle go on tour with us a lot.' 'I already met Eleanor but I don't know Danielle.' I started thinking about what I should tell her about Liam's ex-girlfriend, I decided to make it short. 'She used to be Liam's girlfriend, but they broke up.' 'I think I've seen apicture of them together, they looked like a cute couple.' 'They were, and I knew she loved he for who he was because when they met, Liam wasn't famous yet.' 'Why did they break up?' I knew if I told her, she would start to worry, so I gave her a easy reason, the reason you read in every magazine. 'Distance, Danielle couldn't go on tour with us all the time because she's a dancer. It got really difficuld so they decided it was easyer to be just friends.' 'But what about Perrie, she has her own band, and their relationship is working out just fine, right?' 'It hasn't always been perfect, but what happened between Danielle and Liam is kind of a mistery. But don't you worry, I will always be by your side.' 'I love you.' Holly muttered as she kissed my cheek.

WN: I decided to leave Sophia out of the story (no hate though, I just don't know enough about her) 


One night, me and Louis were alone in the hospitalroom, They boys all decided to clear their mind abnd go to a footballmatch. 'Louis?' I asked as it was quite for a long time. 'What's up?' Louis, who was looking out the window, turned his head so he was looking at me. 'You and Zayn...You really should work this out.' I saw Louis got annoyed inmidiatly but this needed to stop. 'Hazz, I'm not going to talk to Louis is that is what you want me to do.' 'You didn't talk with him for two whole months.' Do 'don't you think I have a reason for that? Do you really think I'm ignoring him because it's fun? I miss zayn, but he fucked everything up and I'm not the one who made a mistake.' 'That's right Louis, but you should talk about it though.' Louis rolled with his eyes and looked back at the window. 'Louis? ... He hurt you pretty bad, didn't he?' Louis looked back at me, he looked like he was about to tear up. 'Yes, it's like he stabbed me with a knife.' Then I noticed someone standin at the door, and that someone was Zayn. 'Zayn? What did you hear about our conversation?' I asked. 'Almost everything...' Louis was about to walk out of the room but Zayn grabbed his wrist. Louis wanted to snatch his amr back but Zayn held on to tight. 'We really need to talk and I don't accept a no.' Zayn said as he took Louis into the hallway.


Zayn's p.o.v.

When heard Louis and Harry were talking, I jsut wanted to walk in, but when I realised they were talking about me, I decided to wait. It was now or never, if I wouldn't fix my friendship with Louis now, it will never be able to be fixed again. As I stood in the hallway, still holding onto Louis' wrist, I noticed how tired Louis looked. His eyes were dull, he had dark cirkles under his eyes and he lost some weight. 'Louis are you giving me a chance to make things right again?' Louis slowly nodded, but still looked a bit angry. 'Look...That day you called me and told me Harry was in hospital and the amputated his leg...I...I was shocked. I saw his leg was getting worse but it was still shocking news. You were just the wrong person at the wrong moment. Louis I never wanted to start a fight with you. What I said to you...I really regret that...I really do...I didn't mean that, believe me or not...I didn't mean that at all...I was mad, not at you but life, you know what I mean? miss you...I really do.' The whole time Louis didn't say anything at all, he just listened to me with his arms crossed. But when I was done talking he relaxed his arms and came closer. Before I knew what he was about to do, he wrapped his arm around me and gave me a hug. 'Are we alright?' 'We are alright Bradford badboi.' I chuckled. 'You didn't call me like that in ages.' He chuckled to. 'Because it was ages ago you gave yourself that nickname. 'That's right sassmaster from doncaster.'

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