catch me

On their break the boys of One Direction decide to go to the beach. They have a lot of fun, smimming and laying on the beach, untill Harry decides to go cliffdiving. What they don't know is it's very dangerous there and, but it's already to late when find out and Harry already jumped. Louis is there to save him but things will never be the same again. Harry struggles with the fact he will be limping for the rest of his life and goes to a hard time, but there is that one girl that makes him believe that after train there's sunshine.


22. iceskating

Holly's p.o.v.

I was walking down the streets, holding hands with the boy I loves so much. 'We should do something fun.' Harry said as he pulled a thinking face. 'What were you thinking of?' He was quiet for a moment and then shouted 'Iceskating!' Before I could resist his idea he pulled me with him. We took a bus and walked to the icerink. 'Are you sure about this Harry?' I hesitated as Harry gave me a pair of skates. 'Ofcourse, it's the best time to do this.' 'No I mean with your leg.' Harry sighed and looked at me. 'I know wha&t you meant babe, but If I'm not allowed to do anything at all I'm going to get depressed.'  poked him. 'I don't want you to be depressed.' Harry smiled and tied his skates. When we were done putting our skates on I pulled Harry on his feet and we wiggled to the icerink. Ofcourse Harry was very unstable, I had to hold him to prevent him rom falling, but we were having fun. 'Shouldn't the boy hold the girl.' I teased him. 'I don't actually feel like a boy anymore, more like a pinguin.' I chuckled and wrapped my arms around Harry even more tight. Even though it was already very cold outside I didn't feel anything about it, I guess that's normal when you're in love, madly in love. 'Let's get some hot choclatemilk.' Harry suggested. We did as he said, and it tasted delicious with this weather. 'I'm going to make a round on my own.' Harry said as I was standing at the side, taking a rest. 'No Harry, you'll fal.' 'No I won't.' And without waiting for an answer he started skating away from me. At first he was doing quite well, untill he was like halfway the rink and he wanted to go faster. I heard him making a horrible yell and saw him collapsing on the ice. I screamed and started skating towards him as fasta s I could. The people around him stopped also the see what was going on. I pulled Harry in my arms and saw his eyes became blurry. 'Harry!' I yelled. He grabbed his leg with his arm and then his eyes rolled back. 'No!' 'I called an ambulance.' I man behind me said. I turned around and thanked him. 'What happened.' Some people asked. 'But I couldn't answer them, I was to chocked. Quickly I checked if he was still breathing and luckely he was. I heard people coming running towards us, and I sighed in relief as I saw it were doctors. A man took me away from Harry and tried to calm me down, but all I could do was crying. I saw them laying Harry an a stretcher and putting him in the ambulance. I feld like passing out to if I saw them leaving with Harry inside.


For minutes I stood there, not able to function. Then I realised I needed a ride to the hospital. MY fingers shacked as I looked in my contactlist for someone who could give me a lift. Then I remembered Harry gave me Louis' number. 



'It's Holly, H-Harry collapsed on the icerink, they drove him to the hospital..i..' 

'Where are you?!' 

'Stil a-at the icerink in Home Chaples.' 

'i'm going to pick you up.'

'Thank you, thank you so much.'

I stood there, sobbing as I waited for Louis to ctome. I put on my own shoes and ran to Louis who stepped out of his car. Louis wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. 'I'm sorry.' I muttered bewteen my sobs. 'This isn't your fault.' Louis said as he let me in the car. Louis may say it's not my fault, but it still feels that way.


There we were, sitting in the waitingroom, waiting for news about Harry. 'What happened?' Louis asked as I calmed down. 'We were skating, and it was going alright, untill Haryry wanted to make a round on his own, I should have stopped him.' I muttered as I tried to hold back more tears. 'Harry is very stubborn, it's not your fault, don't blame yourself.' 


Minutes passen, minutes turned into hours and I feld so bad. After more than two hours I my head on Louis' shoulder and started to drift away. Just when I was about to fall asleep a doctor walked towards us. 'The operation was succesful, but there is also bad news, we couldn't save his leg.'

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