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On their break the boys of One Direction decide to go to the beach. They have a lot of fun, smimming and laying on the beach, untill Harry decides to go cliffdiving. What they don't know is it's very dangerous there and, but it's already to late when find out and Harry already jumped. Louis is there to save him but things will never be the same again. Harry struggles with the fact he will be limping for the rest of his life and goes to a hard time, but there is that one girl that makes him believe that after train there's sunshine.


23. don't give up now

Louis' p.o.v.

When they allowed me and Holly to see Harry, he was still sleeping, he looked so peaceful. Thinking about the fact he will soon wake up to find out he was missing a leg made my stomach turn. Holly ran straight to Harry and took his hand in hers. 'Everything is going to be alright.' She muttered. I knew I needed to call the boys; but I decided to wait, to wait untill Harry wakes up . After half an hour Harry started to move and he opened his eyes. 'Holly.' He mumbled. Holly was still holding onto Harry's hand while I was standing at the side. 'How are you feeling?' Holly asked. I saw Harry was trying to look like he was feeling ok but he failed at it. 'It's ok babe, I'll be fine.' Harry scanend the room and then noticed me, standing at the door. 'Lou...' His voice broke. 'Louis are you ok?' Holly asked. I took a deep breath and came closer. 'Yeah, but the question is not if I'm ok.' 'I'm fine Lou.' I saw Harry moving and pulling a wierd face. 'My's feeling strange.' I saw him trying to take a look and then her realised his leg was gone. 'My leg! It's gone! Why?!' I never saw him so scared before. 'They took away my leg!' Holly looked at me and then back at Harry. 'They had no choise, Harry, it's ok.' holly tried to calm him down. 'No it's not ok! I...' Harry looked away, and I I feld a lump in my throat as I saw him crying.' 'Harry? Hazz...Please don't cry..' Harry looked at me and wiped away his tears. 'What do I have to do now? I'll never have a normal life again...' Harry looked me right into the eyes, his eyes filled with pain and fear. 'You will get trough this, and we will all be there to help you.' Harry pushed himself up and I came closer and wrapped my arms around him. 'It may be difficuld right now, but remember, you're my little brother and I will always take care of you.' Normally Harry would act like he's angry and tell me he's bigger than me, but in this situation he just burried his face in my chest and enjoyed the hug.


After some hours, Harry finally fell asleep. I gave him a kiss on his forehead and left the room. I walked trough the empty hallways, trying to get my mind clear, but it wasn't working. Eventually I just slid down the wall and burried my face in my hands. Now I could cry, cry where no one could see mee, where no one could judge me. I needed to stay strong, for Harry. Then I realised he hadn't called the lads. Would they be mad? I sighed, so much was going on. To much to handle all at once. What will happen now? No one could tell me. And at a moment like this there is only one person I really want to talk to. I grabbed my phone and scrolled trough my contact list untill i found 'mom'.


'hey, mom?' 

'Louis, my boy, are you alright, you sound tired.'

'It's's Harry mom, they amputated his leg, they had no choise.'

'Oh no...I feel so bad for him, is he okay?'

'When he found out he was really upset, it took him hours to calm down and fall asleep. Mom I really don't know what do do now.'

'Harry will have a really difficuld time, just be there for him, support him, make sure he knows he isn't going trough this alone.'

'Do you think he'll get trough this?'

'Ofcourse! Louis you know Harry so well, you know he's a strong boy.'

'That's right.'

'And Loubear?'


'Take some rest, you sound tired and upset.'

'I will.' 

'I'm going to put the girls in bed.'

'Okay, bye mom.'

'Bye Louis, goodnight, I love you.'

'Love you to.'

I put my phone back in my pochet and rubbed my face. Why are you sitting here? I asked myself. I shouldn't be such a jelly, I should be with Harry right now. I stood up and walked back to the room. Holly had fallen asleep in the chair. Harry was still sleeping peacefully. At the other side of the room was another hospitalbed. I genetly picked up Holly and laid her in the other bed. I laid the blanked over her and then took place in the chair she was sleeping in. So many thought kept me awake.



'Louis?' I woke up by Holly slowly shaking me. I stretched and rubbed my sore back and neck. I wondered how I fell asleep because yesterday it feld like would be awake the whole night. Harry was still sleeping. 'Are you hungry?' Holly asked. 'I was thinking about going to the cafeteria to get something to eat.' Actually I didn't really feel like eating but agreed anyway. I chose a table as Holly got us some soup. 'Harry will be okay, I'm sure.' Holly said as we were both eating our soup. 'It's scary at first but as soon as he's able to walk with a prosthetic leg, he will be fine.' I wondered why she was so sure about that but I decided not to ask. After we finished our soup. We went back to the room. Harry was awake already, I hoped he wouldn't think anything wrong when he saw us coming in together. 'Are you hungry?' I asked. But Harry shook his head. 'No, not really.' 'You should eat something anyway.' . Harry nodded and I decided to get him some food.


Days passed by, all Harry could do was lying in bed. Both, me and Holly stayed by his side. Everytime they changed the bandage around Harry's leg holly left the room. I never knew why because the wound wans't that ugly. The first time Harry had cried but after a couple of times he seemed to get used to it. But after a week Harry only seemed to feel worse. 'Harry...Are you ok?' Holly asked him. 'No, actually not. I don't get why my bandmembers, aka my berst friends, don't visit me at all.' My stomach turned around...I didn't call them. 'Hazz...that's my fault, I didn't call them, they dodn't know what happened at all.' I quickly walked out and decided to call them right away.



'Hi Louis, how are you?'

'I'm ok, should come to the hospital in Holmes chapel.'


'Harry got his operation.'

'Already?! I didn't know they would do the surgery today?'

'Actually it was a week ago, I wast so upset, and I completely forgot to call you guys.'

'I understand, I'll be there soon.'

'Ok, can you tell Liam?'

'Ofcourse, I'll call him.'

'thank you so much. Bye Niall.'

'Bye Louis.'

I sighed in relief, niall wasn't mad. Now I had to call Zayn. With shaking hands I brought my phone to my ear again.


'Yeah, Louis are ya alright?'

'Euhm yeah...Zayn you should come to the hospital...'

'What? But you said you are alright?'

'It's not me, it's Harry...He's been operated a week ago.'

'A week ago?! Why didn't you call me?'

'Because so much was going on.'

'But damn Louis, now it looks like I don't care at all.'

'I told Harry I didn't call you guys.'

'You should have called us, I don't get why you kept us away.'

'Keep you away? No! That wasn't what I meant to do!'

'Than what did you meant to do?'

'I just forgot to call you...'

'You forgot about us? Good friend you are.'

'I just forgot to call.'

'i don't get you Louis, you know Harry is having a hard time and you don't call us at all.'

'I'm calling you right now.'

'Congrats Tommo, it a little late don't ya think?' 

'I think you're way to agressive, I tried to be there for Harry, and he seemed okay.'

'Ugh and then you wonder why people think you are gay.'

And then something snapped inside of me.

'Are you calling me gay?!'

'I think you're way to close with Harry then normal. At least you want to be closer to Harry than just friends.' 

'Just shut up! I'm not gay! Just shut your fucking mouth...'

'I say what I want, you really annoy me, do you know that?'

'You're such a dickhead, just get of the phone!'

'I can decide that on my own! But alright, I don't want to talk to you anyway. 'Faggot!'

I declined and almost threw my phone against the wall. Zayn called me gay, he called me a faggot. I walked back in wiht clenched fists. 'What's wrong?' Harry asked. 'Nothing, nothing, Niall is coming, he called Liam so he will be here to, and Zayn...I think he will visit too.' Harry nodded and didn't ask further questions...luckely...


Zayn's p.o.v.

I sat there, on the couch, with my phone still in my hand. 'Are you ok love?' Perrie snapped me back to reality. 'Who was calling?' 'Louis.' 'You sounded pretty mad, what happened?' 'Harry is in hospital, I need to go...Perrie looked confused but I didn't have time to explain. I rushed to my car and to the hospital. But wich hospital? I quickly texted Niall and headed over to Holmes Chapel. When I got there I ran to the desk. 'Where is Harry Styles laying?' I asked out of breath. 'Room 56.' I ran trough the hallway and bumped up in someone, that someone was Louis and he was angry. 'Look where you go.' He hissed. 'I go where I want.' I growled back.


Liam's p.o.v.

We were talking about Harry's rehabilitation as I heard yelling from the hallway. When it became louder and louder I decided to take a look. When I left the room I saw Zayn slamming his fist on Louis' cheek, causing him to fall to the floor. Before it could get any worse I ran in between them and pushed Zayn away. 'What are guys doing?!' I yelled. Louis stood up and ran away. Zayn just stood there, not responding. 'What were you thinking?' I repeated.Zayn didn't answer, he stood there against the wall, looking down. I sighed. 'What happened to me?' Zayn asked, his voice filled with pain. 'What do you mean?'  'I am scares, shocked and confused, and instead of talking about it, I work it out on Louis. I take advantage of his weakest spot and when he's mad I make it even worse. And...And I know he didn't do anything wrong.' Zayn looked up to meet my eyes, his hazel eyes blurred with pain. 'I'm going to talk to Louis.' I said. Zayn nodded and walked into the room where Harry was laying.


As I tried to find Louis, I was stopped by to sound of someone crying. My heart broke as I realised that person was was Louis. He sat around the corner with his face in his hands. 


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