catch me

On their break the boys of One Direction decide to go to the beach. They have a lot of fun, smimming and laying on the beach, untill Harry decides to go cliffdiving. What they don't know is it's very dangerous there and, but it's already to late when find out and Harry already jumped. Louis is there to save him but things will never be the same again. Harry struggles with the fact he will be limping for the rest of his life and goes to a hard time, but there is that one girl that makes him believe that after train there's sunshine.


19. autumn leaves

Harry's p.o.v.

I walking very close to her. Sometimes my hand brushed against hers. Everything was colored yellow and brown. Leaves whirled down from the trees. Now and then you could hear a bird. Everything seemed so peaceful.  'I could walk around forever as long as I can be with you Harry.' Holly said. We were standing underneath a big tree next to a lake. 'Holly I don't know you for that long but you need to know that you make me so happy.' Slowly I came closer and without hesitation I intertwined me hand with holly's. 'I love you Harry.' I leaned in and Holly did the same. The next moment our lips touched in the sweetest kiss I ever experienced. We sepperated our lips and I laid me forehead in hers. 'And I love you Holly Peters. For a long we stood there like that, not caring about what happened around us, not caring about problems, not caring about anything els but eachother. I brushed my thumb over Holly's hand. 'Holly I really love you. You propably heard a lot about me, that I had so many girls, that have one night stands every week but thats nonsense.' 'Harry, I don't care about magazines, the paps can say what they want but I believe you, I love you Harry.' I took her hand and we walked around the lake, just enjoying bieng together. I saw Holly hiding her face in her jacket. 'Are you cold?' 'A little.' She answered with red cheeks. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her very close. No one could ruin this perfect moment.


After I said goodbye to Holly I didn't really care about my leg anymore. 'Please Harry sit down, you're really getting on my nervves with that pacing around of you.' Louis nagged. eleanor was on vacation with her parents so Louis was staying with me again. 'Sorry Lou but I'm just happy.' 'You kissed that girl right?' 'Yes I did, she's the right girl, I can feel it.' 'I really hope she's the right one Hazz, 'cuz you dezerve that.' I smiled. 'Aww since when are you so cheesy?' Louis chuckled. 'You are my little brother and I need to take care of you.' Louis teased. 'You don't need to take care of me, I can take care of myself.' 'Sure.' Louis poked my and we both snuggled up on the couch. 

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