''In A Realtionship''

Its yn story your 16 years old you live Califorinia and your out for the summer so your just having fun and you have 2 bestfriends named kayla and ayahana
you meet this boy on kik that your friend intorduce you to and you been talking to him but when your brother friend has a crush on you
you dont know what to do

Yn= your name
Ayahana = your bestfriend
kayla= second bestfriend
jaketaustin= your brother


2. walking to school




I was woke up and had realized that it that to day was the last day of school i jumped out of my bed and i had to take a shower and than i layed on my clothes than i looked for my phone and it was on the bed and it was all charged up i was so happy that it was my last day of school and i had to get in the shower before my brother would get in cause he took a long time

so i went down stairs and called fot my mom and dad but my they were never here so i went to make me some food and than i got text form my firend


K: Wyd and im excited that today is the last day of school and hurry up cause me and ace coming to pick you up

YN: Ok and ikr but let me take a shower and why so early you never come this early 

K; i know but today is the last day of school so take a shower and hurry yo ass up

YN: ok ok im coming

end of chapter 2

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