''In A Realtionship''

Its yn story your 16 years old you live Califorinia and your out for the summer so your just having fun and you have 2 bestfriends named kayla and ayahana
you meet this boy on kik that your friend intorduce you to and you been talking to him but when your brother friend has a crush on you
you dont know what to do

Yn= your name
Ayahana = your bestfriend
kayla= second bestfriend
jaketaustin= your brother


3. Summer Vacation here we come


*The girls get to the school and ace parks the car and they all get out*

(its a half day and the girls sit down in the classroom and wait for the teacher to come)


YN: * sits in the seat and truns around* gosh i cant bellive that the last day of school is here

A: yea im just glad i didnt half to summer school and at leats i didnt get in trouble

K: well i dont care cause its summer and idgaf bout these teachers 

YN: true that but wat else

A: idk but their go your bro and his friends 

K: yn you know like austin admit it

A: we all know that 

YN: and this to girls who was like his freinds are not that cute when i frist met you

A: i never said that but isnt he famous 

YN: i think hes off the for the summer idk but i do not like him *blushing*

A: see you blushing you like him im tell him 

yn: noo shut up

K: i gotta tell you something 

YN: not now but dont you gotta get to class and get your year books dont be late

K; uhhh i dont wanna walk i should have ace give me a piggy back ride but we gotta take some pics with your bro and his friends who got a camera noo wai-

A: we can use our phones

*they take some pics yn and her friends take some pics get their year books signed and now their its almost time to go home




*In the 6 hour class* (t stands for teacher)

T: ok i hope you all had a great schhol year and hope you all have great summer and its the last 5 minutes of class go ahead and talk

YN: uhgg come on clock  hurry up (stearing at clock) 


* The bell rings and everybody runs and everybody gets to go home*



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