''In A Realtionship''

Its yn story your 16 years old you live Califorinia and your out for the summer so your just having fun and you have 2 bestfriends named kayla and ayahana
you meet this boy on kik that your friend intorduce you to and you been talking to him but when your brother friend has a crush on you
you dont know what to do

Yn= your name
Ayahana = your bestfriend
kayla= second bestfriend
jaketaustin= your brother


5. Sleepping


*Yn wakes up in the middle of the night and realizes its 4 am and the movie had just gone off and austin was sleep she tried to get up but she couldnt cause austin was alseep on her and she noticed how cute he looked when he was slepping*

Yn: austin austin wake up come on wake up * shaking him and picnhes him* 

Austin: im up * his head shots up and wakes up* oww thats hurts (pouting)

YN: sorry but im going to sleep gn

A: but wait i thought you were sleeping with me like you said 

YN: i know but im tired and hold on (goes up stairs and checks on kayla and shes sleep*)

ok im back but i gotta go get cover


Austin: wait yn *grabs her hand* theirs some right here come on 

YN: you know you fell asleep on me right

A: ohh *blushing and looking down*

Yn;(thinking hes so cute when hes blushing aww) but it was ok austin

A: oh ok well im tired come on *he lays down and she lays on his chest he pulls the covers over them  and they fall asleep *

Yn: *turns off the tv and has a big smile on her face* 







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