''In A Realtionship''

Its yn story your 16 years old you live Califorinia and your out for the summer so your just having fun and you have 2 bestfriends named kayla and ayahana
you meet this boy on kik that your friend intorduce you to and you been talking to him but when your brother friend has a crush on you
you dont know what to do

Yn= your name
Ayahana = your bestfriend
kayla= second bestfriend
jaketaustin= your brother


4. Relaxing


* The girls get home before her brother and his friends and now they just watch tv*


yn:im bored what we suppose to with these papers i just cant let them sit down

A: idk how bout we burn them

K; lets go shopping get away from your brothers and hus friends even they are all cute *laughing*

Yn: eww im going to throw up in my mouth but lets burn these papers and than go shopping come on get your buts up

A: wait 

K: uhg fine come on

(their outside know and now have a lighter and bout tu burn them)

K: ok yn damn you got so much papers 

yn: well idk but we got all of those papers right 

A: wait (throws her books and papers) their

Yn: *sets them on fire and than pulls her phone* Instagram!! 

K: (they all take a pic and put it on instgaram* ok no come on lets go shopping come on i need some summer clothes come on 

A: ok ok im coming you coming yn

yn: yea ok where and what mall we going to 

K: um wb Great Lakes Crossing

A: Who driving 

yn: i will 

(the girls get to the mall and parks the car and start walking around)



K: are we eating first or should we shop till we drop (corny ik )

A: lets just shop and than like at when we done well eat

Yn: ok are we going in the same store or split up

K: we should just split up than meet here

A: ok see ya but what time 

K: idk like what time is it now so if its 11 meet back here at 3 or 4 it dont matter

Yn: ok just go


(the girls split up And yn goes to bath and body wokrs )

*yn is now in bath and body wokrs*

Jenny: (btw person who works at store) Hello how are you and are you just looking or buying something *smiles*

YN; um idk im just looking but when i see something im going to buy it

Jenny: ok my name is Jenny let me know if you need anyhting

YN: ok thank you *smiles* ohh this smells good (yn gets the stuff she wants and goes up to pay*

J: Ok did you fine everything ok

Yn: yes i did 

J: ok your total is 24.98$ will that be cash vredit or debit

Yn: cash * pulls out cash and pays*

J: thank you have a nice day

Yn: you too 

(Yn walks out of bath and body works and goes to forver 21)

(Different person in F21)

A: ( alice is the girl who works at forver 21) Hello how are you doing if you need any help my name is alice 

Yn: ok thank you 

*an hour later yn is tyring on summer clothes*


*Where was kayla*

K: *walks in hottopic*

Penny: ( person who works in store) Hello my name is penny and we have a sale buy one get 2 free ask me any questions if you need help

K: ok thank you * walking around and picks up some nail polish 5 pairs of t-shirts and some necklace and bracelets and walks to cash register*

Penny: did you fine everyhting ok 

K: yes

Penny: ok your total is 234.98$ how would like to pay with that cash debit or credit

K: credit please (hands her credit card) 

P: ( puts stuff in a bag ) here you go and heres a gift card and have a nice day 

K: thank you 

*Kayla leaves and goes to Rue 21 and looks in their*



A: (walks into the Nike store*

J: Hello how are you doing we have a sale today and ny names jordan if you need any questions i can ask them*

A: ok thank you * looks at some shoes and gets them*

*now at the cash register * 

J: did you find everything ok 

A: yes

J: cash credit or debit and your total is 123.78$

A: debit please ( hands her debit card) 

J : ok here you go have a nice day

A; thank you

(ace walks out of the store and notice its 5 already now so shes goes and buys some rest of the clothes and is done and text the the other girls)

*Group Text*

A: where you too at im done shopping come on!!

K: (payong for stuff and gets a text) im coming meet me at the food court wb yn

A: *gets a text* ok tell her

Yn: ( paying for her snadals shorts and shirts her phones vibrates) 

Im done meet at the food court

A: ok

K: i omw




*the girls meet at the food court and sit down cause their tired and need to get some food*

(the girls sit down)

A: so what you 2 girls get

K: some shirts and nailpoilish from Hot Topic and shirts and shorts from Rue 21 wb you yn

YN: well i went bath and body works forver21 rue 21 and journeys and pacsun and got some cute summer dresses and jean jackets and beanines and jelwery what about ace wyg

A: some shoes benaies clothes etc. you peeps hungry 

K: yea im go get my food *gets up and leave*

A: im going to 

Yn; *gets up and goes to panda express* Hi Can i get sweet&andsour chicken and rice and vegatables  

(minutes later pays)

L: what would you like to drink 

Yn: um ill have MonutinDew please

L: ok here you and you total is 22.23$ 

YN: *hands her money* here you go and thank you

L: have a nice day

(yn sees the girls sitting at the table and eating and sits down)

A: whos driving hoem and yn can we spend the night

K; *eating* 

yn: ok 

*the girls get their bags and starts walking out the mall and talking and laughing when yn and the girls gets a text* 

( And now their in the car)

YN: hold on  on i gotta text from my brother *sighs and rolls eyes*

A: whos that your bro

Yn: yes hes so iratting he gets mad at me cause i ddint tell him where we going 

K: he just want you to be safe and something like that at least hes a good brother 

yN true that kayla ok were ready

*the girls are in the car and yn is driving and than their home*

YN: wake up were home

(the girls gets their bags and goes in the back porch and up to yn bed and sit down and open the door start to head downstairs)

Yn: ok they must be in his room 

K: *laughing* you never know that they could be watching something if you know what i mean

A: your nasty *lauging* but anybody want some popcorn yn you got some popcorn

yn: you pop it what movies

K: you got The Conjuring or World War Z

YN: how bout The Conjouring


* the girls watch get the movie ready and get the popcron and watch the movie by 2 am ace is already and kayla and yn are still watching the movie and taking pics but than their still up ans austin and jake decide to scare the girls btw kthey scare kayla and yn*

Austin: did your sis and her friends ever get back from the mall 

J: yea we should scare them

A: i scare yn and you scare kayla

A: Ok (btw their only one is who is up*)

*austin and jake are down stairs*

YN: kayla you up

K: yea is their popcorn 

YN: here this  the good part 

K: Ok

*Jake and Austin sneak up on yn and kayla really queit*

A & J: ok 3 2 1 Boo

K & Yn: * screaming really loud*

*Jake an d austin start laughing really hard and having tears coming out their eyes*

Yn: that was not funny * rolls her eyes and smiles*

 K: Frfr im going to sleep gn

J: aww come here im sowry *open his hands * you know wanna a hug

k: fine * hugs him* gn 

J: thannx gn

* now with yn and uatsin*

A: aww yn are you ok *pokes out his lip* do you need a hug

yn: * smiles and hugs him* dont ever do that again i swear to god

A: ok ok but you shouldvle seen your face but you wanna finish watching the movie or do you wanna go to sleep

Yn: austin come on i wanna wtach the movie 

A: ok 

(they end up stayong and watching the movie and than they fall asleep how cute )

End of chapter 3 

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