''In A Realtionship''

Its yn story your 16 years old you live Califorinia and your out for the summer so your just having fun and you have 2 bestfriends named kayla and ayahana
you meet this boy on kik that your friend intorduce you to and you been talking to him but when your brother friend has a crush on you
you dont know what to do

Yn= your name
Ayahana = your bestfriend
kayla= second bestfriend
jaketaustin= your brother


1. Intro


Yn POV: Hello im yn im 17 i have an older brother thats very over protective but i have 2 bestfreinds that is kayla and ayahana  and i love them to death and we are like sisters but im in high school i dont do reationships but im in 11th grade and when i get out of high school i eaither want to be a 

photographer or an a fashion designer but for now i have a youtube channel and i make video nut byee


Kayla: Hi wassup im kayla im yn and ace bestfreinds but i love shopping and i love Tupac and i like to have fun go crazy over boys and just love to hang out with my friends


Ace: Wassup peeps im ayahana but call me ace i cant wait for summer so i can spend time chillin and relexing and just having fun



AuthorNotes: Oh in this story jake t austin is you older brother and he hangs out with austin mahone and his freinds and your mom and dad are on a trip and thats its byee


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