Found my Princess

This story I had published the first chapter on onedirectionfanfiction, It is me , I promise .Im Ellie, I had a dark life, And I would still probably have untill 5 idiotic boys came in it and lit up my world! I still felt the danger from my past .


1. Chapter one!!


"Get the fuck off me Adam!"I whimpered, this was really weird, Only a few months back I was his loving girlfriend, Loving him from all my heart when I had a glimpse  of what he really felt, Now hes a monster that tried to kill me.I couldn't think straight ,what had I done to make him change like this?I knew from the beginning it was a threat,People kept telling me he was dangerous ,and would eventually do some harm to me or even.....Kill me."You lil bastard!"He yelled, I quickly ran to the chair he was sitting in "Get me… s…ome....Bee.........r" he said , I didnt know what came up to me , Sudden courage came to me, For once, I felt that I was in charge ,I could be the independent woman I always thought I was, I let out a low "No" His face turned red , then threw the bottle at me ,I managed to duck but it hit hard on my face. He smirked "Oh now I think i got other ideas" I heard him mumble , Was he going to really do it? I can't believe this. I had trusted him. But now Im not sure if I can even trust myself right now, He got nearer to me ,trying to unbutton my shirt,I hadn’t had time to think, I hit him with the same beer bottle he hit me with , And stormed out of our loft, his loft to be exact. No money. No clothes but the ones im wearing. And a guy ready to murder anyone right now,comparing to how drunk he was. I ran away. Im sure I was going to meet him again! It was just too obvious,But right now , All I thought about was escaping! His breath could be heard, He was breathing heavily, And comparing to the amount of beer he drank , I wasn’t surprised, I didn’t even look back, I just kept running. NOTHING would stop me, At least until I got away from Adam, All of a sudden it just it me. The other plans he wanted us to do,was to rape me. OH NO ,  I CAN HEAR HIM GET CLOSER!!! I CAN HEAR HIS BREATH EVEN CLEARER AND CLEARER , when  I decided to get him …..lost , To get him to lose his ways. I HAD to . The only way to save my life. I ran down the alleys of London streets.Going past cars, lights, everything seemed so weird and crazy, I ran into a big rock that I hadn’t noticed and hurt my ankle. I had to go somewhere he wont look in ,Since sooner or later he would find me. I was infront of a big house, my ankle didn’t help me eiher , I hoped for someone kind enough to let me have some water, Or even a bandage to wrap around my bleeding ankle. I knocked on the door. then uncontrollably passed out.

I woke up in a comfortable bed. With five boys surrounding me I felt kind of uncomfortable and started to push myself back, thinking that they will cause me harm , or that they are here to help Adam get me back, As the blonde one with beautiful blue orbs that made me gaze into them just like swimming in an endless ocean , he came nearer to whisper something in my ear "Its okay,Love , we are here to help you" Somehow, His deep Irish accent let me calm down, He was probably the most one im comfortable with "Well , Im Niall horan, And these are Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson , Harry styles , And Zayn Malik" Then that Louis guy jumped up " And we are One Direction" I foolishly smiled at them , not recognizing them . They all just looked at the puzzled expression on my face and laughed along , I think they were all sweet, but that Irish one with the stunning face made me smile like an idiot , I can notice him blushing and turning away a few times. "How'd you get in here?" Harry said, Waving his perfect curls away from his eyes "I……….I am not comfortable of telling you this" They all had puppy faces on , I resisted them all , but when it came to Niall's my heart just melted there for no reason, I politely asked the other boys to leave the room , and just told niall everything , from hitting me with the bottle of beer to almost raping me, he hugged me tight as I sobbed in his shoulders "Well you can stay here as long as you want" And all I remember was me sleeping in Nialls comfortable arms,Smiling.

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