The Bachelorette

*One Direction not famous and they don't know each other, this movella will not have any sex scened* She can't find love. She doesn't know what love feels like. She doesn't know what love is until he comes and shows her. But at the same time so does all the other other guys. "I never knew it would be this hard choosing." She said "Just follow you're heart, and it will lead you in the right direction." Chris Harrison said.


2. Introduction #2

Ryley's POV

"And that's the new couple from 'The Bachelor'! *crowd claps and roars* Now I'm pretty sure everybody want's to know who the next Bachelorette will be eh?!" Chris Harrison asks the crowd. I start tense up. Making sure my hair and make-up are fine. My bright red hair all curled to one side, my green eyes popping out. "Now our new Bachelorette... Ryley Constanobi!" Chris introduces me. I take a deep breathe and walk out. Passing the guy I thought I loved. The crowds jumping out off their seats... For me? Why would they do that. I wave off to the crowd and blow kisses. What can I say I'm a flirter. Chris Harrison gives me a hug and I hug back then take a seat. " So are you nervous?" He asks me. I look at him "Oh yes defiantly I thought I was going to pass out bake-stage!" The whole audience starts laughing and I put on my best smile. "Well I we  all hope you have an amazing journey and find the one you love. Tune in, in January for finding out who Ryley will fall in love with!" With that the crowd stood up and started flooding out. I was on my to leave so I can greet the guys. Well I guess, now my heart will take lead of what I feel.



Authors Note:

Hi! My new movella is out! I now I'm the only one excited but OH WELL! And let's give a round of a plause to A_million_wishes!!!! She's the SUPA STA! But if I figure out you're reading and not commenting people who do that sh*t... I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN! And I know it's a short chapter's but this is only the introduction! Sorry PEACE

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