My Songs

These are the lyrics to some songs that i've written, any feedback positive or negative, would be much appreciated. Hope you like them, thank you!


1. 1. Yesterday


VERSE 1: i wonder if you remember, the night that we met
it’s burned in my memory, so how could you forget?
you winked at me across the room, like a little kid
and those lights didn’t shine, half as bright as your eyes did
i watch you make your way to me, a slow-moving silhouette
and i was in love with you, i just didn’t know it yet

next thing i know, we’re dancing round the parking lot
and car horns were beeping, but we didn’t stop
i was safer than i’d ever been, at home in your heart
never dreamt that because of you, i’d be falling apart

PRE-CHORUS 1: and i know it’s long gone now, nothing more to be said
but loving you isn’t something i can easily forget

CHORUS 1: cause i can see it all, that look on your face
your eyes whispered, let’s get out of this place
the memories threaten to overwhelm me
in the past, that’s where i really wanna be
and it won’t fade away,
cause i remember it like it was just yesterday

VERSE 2: i wonder if you remember, our first official date
you wore your very best suit, and picked me up at eight
but the restaurant was just a little fancy for us
so we got on outta there, hopped on the next bus
the driver said where to, you said who the hell knows!
and i said take this thing as far as it goes

next thing i know, we’re in the middle of nowhere
sea salt in the air, wind rufflin’ my hair
i’ve never in my whole life, had so much fun getting lost
but i never thought that night would come at such a high cost

PRE-CHORUS 2: and i know it’s long gone, and i can no longer call you mine
but how can i just carry on, with you still plaguing my mind

CHORUS 2: cause i can see it all, that midnight beach
you lifted me up to catch the stars, cause i couldn’t reach
so tell me how i can just let go
cause loving you is the only thing i know
and it won’t fade away,
cause i’m still in love with our yesterday

BRIDGE: and what if it’s all my fault, maybe it’s me to blame
if i’d done things differently, would we have turned out the same
and maybe i loved you too much, and it wasn’t allowed
and the gods took you away from me, ‘fore i got too proud

or maybe it was you and your hasty goodbyes
the words you used to break the silence, left by your lies

or maybe it was never us, it was all up to fate
from the very start we had an expiration date

VERSE 3: i wonder if you remember, our first night alone
the cold and empty sheets, tore at my heart

next thing i know, i’m walking home alone
and all your things are gone, everything you ever owned
now to anyone it looks like you never here at all
but i can still see you, you’re all over these walls

PRE-CHORUS 3: and i know it’s long gone and i should be letting go
but before i move on there’s just one thing i need to know

CHORUS 3: cause i can see it all, the work of art we made
if you really loved me, why couldn’t you have stayed?
you broke your own words as they fell from your mouth
now you’re something i’ll just have to learn to live without
and it won’t fade away
cause you were my best yesterday!

CHORUS 4: i can still see it all, the kissing in the rain,
i’m asking god why time won’t heal the pain
they say you never really loved me, it was a disguise
but i know that’s not true, cause i looked into your eyes
i still don’t know how to feel
and that’s how i know it was real
and i won’t let it fade away,
cause i’m still living in yesterday

OUTRO: no i won’t let you fade away,
cause i’m still in love with our yesterday.

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