The Begining ( 1D fan fiction)

Kelsie Brooks goes to a new high school where she meets Louis and everything is perfect from the start.


1. New school

Kelsie's P.O.V.

I walk into the school knowing I might stand out. As I walk the halls I see a banner that reads 'Welcome to Hills Valley High'. Great. I think to myself. I turn to find my locker but instead i bump into a really attractive guy. "Sorry" I say as I blush and try to hide my face. "Don't hide your face, I like it when girls blush." I blush harder and he lifts my chin. "I'm Louis." he says "I'm Kelsie." I said. I could tell he wanted to say something but the bell rang. I found my first period class, history. I walk in and make my way to the teacher, she had long gray hair that reached her waist and blue green eyes with glasses that sat on the tip of her nose. "You must be Kelsie!" she said happily, wow i thought she would be mean. "Yes um, where do i sit?" i asked. She points to the far left corner of the room where i spot Louis. He gives me a grin. I roll my eyes and laugh as i sit down. "Didn't expect to see you here." He says cheerfully. "Me either." I told him. "Oh and by the way the teachers name is Mrs. Darwin." he points out. After a long lesson on the civil war, the bell rang. I walked out of class. Louis caught up to me. And asked if he could see my schedule so i handed it to him. "Oh, you have Mr. Arthur for math!" I give him a confused look. "Whats so bad about him?" I asked. "He's the worst teacher on campus." He chuckles. That's when i  see him walk up to four other guys. A dark haired boy with a blonde streak looked at Louis. "Wow Lou never thought you would get a new girl." he smirks at me. A blonde irish accented boy i guess looks a the boy who was talking about me and says, "C'mon Zayn give the boy a break". Oh so his name was Zayn. The bell rang hinting second period. I walked into class where there were so many kids. I look around and spot the blondie that was talking to Zayn. He waved me over. "Hi I'm Niall." he says. "I'm Kelsie." i smile.

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