The Begining ( 1D fan fiction)

Kelsie Brooks goes to a new high school where she meets Louis and everything is perfect from the start.


2. getting used to my surroundings

Niall's P.O.V.

Kelsie walked over to my table so I introduced myself. "Hi I'm Niall." I said she looked at me "I'm Kelsie." she was so pretty but I could tell her and Louis liked each other. *class starts* "Good morning class." Mr. Arthur says. everyone ignored him and continued talking with their seat partner. I looked over at Kelsie, she was doodling on her notebook she kinda draws like Zan. And he draws really well. *ring ring* the bell rang for third period. "Hey! Kelsie! wait up!" I yelled. She turned around. "Whatsup Niall?" she asks. "oh I was wondering who you had for third period." she looked at me. "Um I have Mrs. Winter." she said. "Ha! you have the best science teacher ever!" I laughed. I walk her to class then go to mine next door. We met up outside and walked to the lunchroom.


Kelsie's P.O.V.

Niall and I walked to lunch together and met up with Louis and the others. "Sorry they didn't get to introduce themselves earlier but, this is, Harry, Liam, Niall, And Zayn. ." Louis says."I already know Niall we have second period together.". I say. Wow Harry had some curly hair! Harry looked at me and smiled. "Whats up with you curly" I asked, and everyone laughed as we got out lunch. We sat at a table where there was a girl sitting. Niall walked over to her and kissed her cheek. She looked at me and smiled. "Who is this?" she asked Niall. "Oh this is Louis's girlfriend Kelsie." Louis blushed . I smiled. "Hi im Shelley!" she said. The rest of the day went by slowly so me and Louis were hanging out after school when my phone went off. "Hey dad!" I said *Hey sweetie I was wondering what time you were coming home?*he asked. "Well I don't know... is it ok if I hang with some friends for a while?" I could tell he was hesitating. *What kind of friends?* he asked. I hate when he does this ever since my mum died hes been so overprotective. "Some friends that I met today. "Is it boys or girls?"he asked I held the phone down and looked at Louis "Is Shelley gonna be hanging out with us?"he texted Niall. "Yep!"he said with a smile. I put the phone back up and said "both" *Ok I just be back before 8:30 tonight.* "thanks dad!".



hey guys! im glad your reading my story! I just want to let you guys know that I wont update too often so ill only update when I can. bye!!!

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