The monster & the victim . ( Niall Horan ; not famous )

Please just read . I promise you guys won't regret it . ♥


1. Chapter one


" Guise can we go now ? " Me and a group of my friends were at this end of the school year party . 

" Em we barely got here , if you want to you can leave . " my ' friend ' Chloe said and everyone else just nodded there heads . 

" My name is Emma not Em , and fine i will leave " I grab my purse and start walking . 

" Come on Em just stay , just for a little while " Chloe hollers out . I have no other choice then to just stay . I shrug my shoulders and turn around towards the girls . 

" Fine i'll stay , um where the bathroom ? i really have to go " no one seems to hear me since no one responded . Well okay then . I go upstairs and look for a bathroom . I look in every room but have no luck . There was this one last room at the very end of the hall . I look around and make sure the coast is clear . I tip-toe my way to this mysterious room . I open it just a crack and peep in . The room turned out to be a bedroom . I let myself in and start exploring . Clothes were scattered all over the floor with some beer bottles here and there . The bed looked like it had been slept in and the pillows were everywhere .

Something catches my eye when i turn around to leave . On top of the dresser there were these crumpled up photos . I look over and in the trash are the frames with shattered glass all around them . The crumpled up photos are of a little boy with an older brother i'm guessing and his family . They all looked so happy and - 

" What are you doing ?! " I turn around almost having a heart attack . Right before my eyes was a tall , muscular , perfect feature , blonde haired guy . 

" I - i - i -  " I was lost for words . Everything i tried to say would come out as ' I ' . 

" I - i - i " he mimicked me . I hated when people did that . One of my biggest pet peeves . My blood boiled , this boy sure knew how to get under my skin . 

" Did you just really mimick me ? What are you 8 ? Ugh people like you are so annoying ! " 

" Actually i'm 9 " he smirked " and ' people like me ' ? You don't even know me . " 

" Good cause i don't want to know you . " 

" Yet you were in my room right ? " 

" I thought it was a bathroom ! Jeez can't a girl make a mistake . " 

" Then why didn't you leave when you noticed it wasn't a bathroom ? " 

" Well i'm leaving now , gosh " i threw my hands up in exasperation . 

" Oh no princess your not getting away that easily " he used his body to block the door . 

Oh brother .. 


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