Unexpected Passion *Complete*

Georgia Rose use to be best friends with Justin Bieber(not famous) but then he became popular and has a girlfriend that bullies Georgia but he doesn't do anything. Georgia still loves Justin but he will never date her because she's a nerd.


14. What?

Georgia's P.O.V

We walked to the park and talked about everything but I bumped in to someone. I looked up to be faced with my crush,Jason Mccann.(imagine him as the younger Justin Bieber) 


"Jason!" we hugged and pulled away. Justin coughed."Oh Jason this is my boyfriend Justin. Justin this Jason." they shook hands. Me and Jason ended up talking for hours.

"I think we better leave." Justin said putting a arm around my waist. We said our good byes and left. We walked home none of us are talking.

"Are you okay?"


"Why? Did I do something wrong?"

"Yes. You decide to talk to Jason over me. I'm your boyfriend not him."

"Well I haven't seen him in so long."

"Did you have a crush on him?"

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Just answer me."

"Yes I use to have a crush on him but now I know that he's a jerk." Justin started to calm down after I said that.

"I'm sorry Georgia. I didn't know." we hugged.



"What are we going to do about the threatening and my friends?"

"I don't know." I sighed and we spent the whole day at home.


What do you think about Jason? Here's your next choices.

1.Jason is going to team up with Amber.

2. Jason is going to try and help them find Georgia's friends.

Comment and can you guys please tell your friends? You don't have to it's okay. And check out my friend Cammy's (cambamroxluvs1d) books because they're are so great. Love ya! :)

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