Unexpected Passion *Complete*

Georgia Rose use to be best friends with Justin Bieber(not famous) but then he became popular and has a girlfriend that bullies Georgia but he doesn't do anything. Georgia still loves Justin but he will never date her because she's a nerd.


1. Meet Georgia Rose

Hi! I'm Georgia! Rose is my last name.Anyways I use to be friends with a boy named Justin Bieber. Now he's popular and has a mean girlfriend that bullies me. He never talks to me and he doesn't care if his girlfriend bullies me. You think I would hate him but strangely I love him and always wonder if he loves me back. I have two friends Tori and Cammy. Tori is my best friend and she hates Justin and Amber(Justin's mean girlfriend). Cammy and Tori have boyfriends so sometimes I don't get to see them. Now about my family. My mom died when I was 6 and my dad became abusive. Sometimes I run to a place in the woods that only me and Justin know but Justin told Amber and she sometimes come and bully me there. Now you see my terrible life. Now I need to go my dad is calling me and he doesn't sound to happy. 

A/N hope you enjoy it. Love ya! :) 

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