Unexpected Passion *Complete*

Georgia Rose use to be best friends with Justin Bieber(not famous) but then he became popular and has a girlfriend that bullies Georgia but he doesn't do anything. Georgia still loves Justin but he will never date her because she's a nerd.


12. Justin's friends

Georgia's P.O.V

Today Justin is inviting his friends over to see me. I'm a little worried that they might hate me. Justin bought a pizza and soda and rented a movie. I put on a t-shirt and some jean shorts. I heard some talking down stairs. That must be them. I walk down stairs to see two guys and four girls. 

"Georgia! Come here and meet my friends." Justin called. I rand to him."This is Ryan and his girlfriend Eva. This is Chaz and his girlfriend Brittany and this is Savannah and Itzell. Everyone this is Georgia,my girlfriend." one of the girls I think her name was Itzell came up to me.

"Hi! I know we're going to be best friends. Right girls?" they all nodded and we went up stairs to talk.

"So how long have you and Justin been dating?" Brittany said.

"Not long. What about you guys?"

"Me and Ryan have been dating for two months." Eva said.

"Me and Chaz have been dating for three months." Brittany said. We talked for a little while until the boys wanted us to come and eat pizza and watch the movie. We watched a scary movie because Justin wanted to cuddle with me. I fell asleep fast. When I woke up everyone was asleep. I got another text from the unknown number.

From Unknown: You better stay away or your friends pay. 

I got scared. Not Cammy and Tori!


What do you think is going to happen.

1. Tori and Cammy are going to be mean to Georgia

2. Georgia is going to figure out a plan to keep both her friends and boyfriend.

Comment now. Hope your liking it. If you want to be in it and you entered the contest and didn't win comment how you want me to put you in. And thanks for commenting! Happy reading! :)

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