Near To You -A Fine Frenzy

The story of Near To You by: A Fine Frenzy


1. Near To You

        In the song she states that they were beautiful together and it was an amazing relationship. When they broke up she still loved him a lot, but she knew that he would never love her back. She thinks she shouldn't have to suffer missing this guy that will never love her again.                         "Near to you, I am healing
But it's taking so long
'Cause though he's gone
And you are wonderful
It's hard to move on
Yet, I'm better near to you"

Then, she finds this other guy and whenever she is near to him she feels like she is healing better and faster. She realizes that she is better off with him. Its still hard for to move on even though the new guy is wonderful.  "You and I have something different
And I'm enjoying it cautiously
I'm battle scarred"

She enjoys how here and this guy are different, but she is enjoying it carefully, because she is battle scarred from the first guy. She is also trying hard to be who she used to be. The other man is disappearing from her mind and she wants the other guy to stay with her and she is so close to being the other guys. I only know that
"I am better where you are
I only know that
I am better where you are
I only know that I belong
Where you are"

She is saying that she is better where the other guy is now and she can stay with the new guy.

       In the song the beat is really slow. She sounds like she is using a piano to go along with the song. The sound of the song is really depressing sounding. It sounds hurt. There is one part starts getting a little bit louder when she sing the near to you part. Like she is trying to stay really strong. The beat started really slow and then when its about half way threw the song it gets stronger and stronger.

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