How much i love you

Annabella Green is a Normal teenage girl but one day,One trip and one tradgedy will change her life forever
(I promise that i will finish this book)


6. Memory

  2 weeks later

   Chloe's POV

 I ended up getting my memory back and sence me and Bella dident want to go back home we moved in with the boys.I woke up to a sharp pain in my stomace i ran to the bathroom and pulled out a pregnency test and used it.After about ten minutes the little test came back positive.I Droped to the ground and cryed,I am only Nineteen I cant be pregnet

 "Bella"i yelled

 "Yes"she said walking into my room

 I pointed to the little pregnecy test on the ground and cryed again.She picked Up the test and gasped.

 "OMG Chloe Your gonna be a Mom"She said

 "I know"she said

 "what will you tell your parents"she asked

 "I don't even know"i said

 "We will get throue this,Together"she said

 "Yes I hope so"i said

 "Well when are you gonna tell Harry"She questioned

 "When im ready"i said

   Annabella's POV

  Poor Chloe I don't Know how she's Gonna be a Mom at Nineteen years old and I really don't know how Harrys gonna help her with this.

  "So what did Chloe want"Niall asked me

  "Oh you know...."I said

  "What is it"Niall asked

  "You swear to god you wont tell anyone"i said

  "Swear to god"He said

  "Ok well,Chloe's Pregnet and Do you think Harry will actually help her"I asked

  "If it was you I would"Niall said stepping closer

  "Good to know" I said stepping closer to

  Two seconds later I Had Niall Horans lips on mine and I honestly Loved it.

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