How much i love you

Annabella Green is a Normal teenage girl but one day,One trip and one tradgedy will change her life forever
(I promise that i will finish this book)


1. Annabella

   Annabella's POV

 "Annabella Rose Green,Get down here now" My mom Tracy yelled

 "Comming Mother"i yelled in a sarcastic tone

 I'm not being rude to my mom its just she wants me to be little miss perfect grades and perfect looks and perfect well,Everyting.

 "What do you want Mother"i asked walking down over the stairs

 "Give it up with the additude"My mom said

 "Ok anyway what did you want"i asked

 "I heard you got a A- on your test"she said

 "And"i asked

 "Im very disopinted you shoul have gotten a A"she said

 "Why cant you be happy for me all the other kids moms would be very happy for them but not you i did my best and i got the best grade in the class"i yelled

 "Well you need to get perfect grades to be a docter"my mom said

 "Mom for the last time i will not be a docter and you cant make me"i said

 "Go to your room,Now"she said

 "No i will be at Chloe's goodbye mom"i said

 "Goodbye sweetie"she said all inosent

 "Don't you ack all inosent mom"i yelled walking up to my room

  I picked out three outfits

1-Green short shorts and a pink tanktop(It is june 17th so)

2-Purple skinny jeans and a white tee shirt with a heart on it

3-a small black dress with black heels(In case we go clubing)

I put on a pair of yellow toms and walked out the door to my best friend Chloe's House.

  Chloe's POV

  I just got off the phone with Bella(Annabella)and she said she was comming over i hoped we could have a movie night that would be soo much fun.


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