How much i love you

Annabella Green is a Normal teenage girl but one day,One trip and one tradgedy will change her life forever
(I promise that i will finish this book)


9. Alexa??

 Bella's POV

  We got to the police staition and asked them to track Chloe's phone once we were done me,the boys and the police went down to mystery girls house.

  "If i find her dead im killing myself"i said to Niall

  "No your not"Niall said and picked me up

 I couldent take it anymore i ran in there to try to help my friend And i dont regret what was gonna happen as long as she makes it out alive.

  Niall's POV

    I would of run in there after Bella but Louis and Liam were holding me back while Zayn was trying to confort Harry who was crying his eyes out.Two minutes Later we heared Yelling and then a gun was fired.

 I got out of Louis and Liams grip and ran in there to see Bella on the ground bleding and Chloe tied to a pole crying i brang Bella out to the cops and untied Chloe.

  "Its all my fault"she said crying

  "No its not"i said

  "Yes it is im the one who called her"she said

  "Its ok Chloe calm down"i said

  "If she dies i dont know how i could live with it"she said

  "It will be ok'i said as we drove to the hospital.

   Bella's POV

  What happened i have a sharp pain in my stomace wait i remeber that Bitch i went to school with captured my best friend and shot me what was her name oh ya Alexa.Wait i can hear talking around me.

  "I hope shes ok"I heard someone say who i think was Zayn

  "Its all my fault"i heard Chloe say.It wasent her faught it was Alexa's

  "Look babe please come back to me i need you here please"I heard Niall wisper into my ear it sounded like he was crying.It took every little bit of enegy i had but i got up and kissed him right on the lips and said

  "I will never leave you"

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