How much i love you

Annabella Green is a Normal teenage girl but one day,One trip and one tradgedy will change her life forever
(I promise that i will finish this book)


10. 4 Month's later

   4 mothes later

   Annabella's POV

 Me and Niall have been dating for 3 monthes now and it was really fun we always went to movies and the beach.All the fans no about Chloe now and she s getting alot of hate.

  "Babe we got the house to ourselves tonight"Niall said while walking into the living room of me,Niall,Harry and Chloe's flat

  "Where's Hazza and Chloe"i asked

  "Gone to go vist Gemma shes like eight month's Pregnet"Niall said

  "Oh"i said

  "So what do you want to do tonight"he asked stepping closer

  "What do you got in mind"i asked stepping closer

  "I dont know"he said skipping away into the kitchen

  "Tease"i yelled

  "I know"he yelled

       After supper....................

  Me and Niall were making out on the coach he started to take off my t-shirt.

 "Babe shouldent we take this to the bed"i asked

  he picked me up and brang me over to the bed and took off my shirt.I took off his shirt and he took of my shorts followed by my painties and i took off his pants followed with his boxers and he took off my bra.Niall rolled on a condom and then you no what happened next.....



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