Not Your Typical Love Story

Get it? Get it? I made a Taylor Swift song dark and zombified... It's about a girl named Josie, telling the story of The Rising to the neighborhood children ("We were both young when I first saw you"). She was a teenager, coming home from her nemesis Marissa's Sweet Sixteen party that was Victorian themed, and she can still see it from her house ("see the lights, see the party, the ball gowns"). Her crush and best friend, Andrew, comes running while she is changing out of the ball gown and is standing there in the white dress she wore underneath the petticoats and taking down her hair ("go pick out a white dress"). His prince clothes are kind of torn, the lights at the party are out, and he, Andrew, says "Hey, Josie, we have to run! Meet me at The Secret Garden Cafe out in the back in ten minutes! I'll be waiting!" ("See you make your way through the crowd and say hello", "I'll be waiting, all that's left to do is run")...

Ish. Not a direct correlation, of course. Read up!


1. Prologue

                I went out to the porch, looking out at all the colorful houses and kids running around in play. Little Julie Wentz caught my eye and ran over to say hello. A few of her friends followed and sat on the porch floor. As always, they expect a story.

                "Hi, Missus Hanover, you're here!" smiled Julie, giving me a gentle-but-firm hug. She sat on the ground with her friends. My caretaker, Kristina, came around from the back after seeing the crowd.

                "Here's your lemonade. We wouldn't want you to become too hot out in this summer heat." says Kristina. I take the glass and thank her as I drink.

                "It was a summer just as hot as this when it happened, right on this porch. You all have heard of the Rising, correct?" I start. The children say nothing, leaning closer, and I begin to wonder if this story is too graphic for them. I tell it, anyway; they'll hear it in school soon enough.

                "Did I ever tell you about William Andrew Quincy and me, battling for our lives against the Rising? I was the only teenager left standing, and only one hundred people across America had managed to survive. Now sit back and let me begin…"

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