Angel In The Light

Gracie and Marlow are twins, best friends, sisters. They tell each other everything, thick as thieves, the two of them. When Marlow has a secret, that she can't even tell Gracie, how is she going to tell the world?


1. White Right Christmas Eve

I shivered, and pulled my blanket just a bit tighter around my shoulders. The fire was blazing, but not that it actually did much, i was still cold. Mum was in the kitchen, putting the last touches on tomorrows turkey before it would go in the oven, Dad was calling up an old friend, and Marlow, for once was out of the house with her boyfriend. The christmas angel sat at the very top of the christmas tree, it wasn't a flamboyant creature, delicate, and actually rather small. Made of wire, and only handeled by Dad, it's kind of the holy grail of christmas. 

"Marlow! You're back!" Marlow shook off her coat, and took her scarf off. "I was just about to put some coffee on, decaffinated of course." Mum said, wiping her hands on her apron and hugging Lo. 

"That would be great Mummy." Lo said, taking a heavy seat next to me on the couch. I offered some blanket, and she curled up into me. 

"How was you're date Lo?" She smiled to herself. 

"It was good." She lay her head on my lap, and looked at the tree. The tree is the one thing we really go all out for, it's christmas, a final pull for happiness and joy, before the new year comes, bringing along a whole host of new problems. "Dean says Hi." I reached down and started to play with her short blond strawberry blond hair. She always wore hers short, while i preferred to keep mine long. 

"Tell him i say hi." Mum sat down two steaming hot mugs of coffee, and i sipped mine, careful not to spill on Lo. 

"Will do Gracie." Lo sat up, and took her mug and warmed her hands, breathing in the aroma of the beans. "You know, Alex is a bit into you, you should go for him. Hint hint." Lo hinted, not so subtly. I rolled my eyes, this again?

"Lo, you know how i feel about Alex. He's a nice guy, but not really my type." I said, shrugging. 

"Gracie, boy is your type." Lo retorted, sipping her coffee, and looking at me. "Why don't you at least give him a chance! He's smart, funny, VERY pretty, athletic, everyone likes him, so why not?" 

"Lo, are you trying to set Gracie up again?" 


"YES!" I yelled, earning a chuckle from my dad, and from his friend Micheal. 

"Girls will be girls." Dad said to Micheal, and he went back to his conversation. Mum sat down in the chair across from us, and put her feet up on the coffee table, and took a deep breath. Her graying blond hair was pulled back into a messy bun, and she had the face of someone who used to be pretty, but her beauty had faded with time. "Micheal, i'm sorry to end this phone call, but it's late, and tomorrow's christmas, it's family time." Dad chuckled into the phone. "Yeah, i'll take to you later, buh bye Micheal." Dad hung up the phone and turned to face us, before walking over and taking his place at the coffee table, where he placed mum's feet on his lap and started to massage them. 

"Oh, yeah, that feels good, right there baby." Mum said, closing her eyes and leaning her head back. Dad laughed a bit to himself and i looked at Lo, who was looking out the window. 

"What's on your mind L?" She turned, a bit startled and faced me. 

"Oh, nothing." She said, fiddling with her mug. 

"Lo, it's clearly something, you're never this quiet." She opened her mouth, but Mum spoke first. 

"She was when she was a baby. Believe it or not, you were the little attention seeker Gracie. You would cry and cry and cry for hours if no one would hold you. Marlow over there, now she would sit, nice and quiet while you screamed your head off. We might not have been able to tell you apart by looks, but you could tell who was who by your voices." Mum said, looking at us with her big blue eyes. "Both of you are beautiful. How'd we get such beautiful girls Daniel?" Dad shrugged. 

"They take after you sweetheart, i've got dark hair, dark eyes, and my girls have all the beauty in the house." Dad said, looking at the Angel, then us. "I love you guys." Dad said, walking over and kissing us on the heads. "Now, even though this truly is a wonderful love fest, your dad is tiiiiiired. So, i'm gonna hit the hay, and i'll see you after santa comes round." Dad got up kissed Mum on the head, and walked up to his room. 

"I'm going to follow your father." Mum said, and followed Dad's steps, she kissed us on the head, and then followed him up the stairs. 

"Spill." I said, as soon as Mum was out of ear shot. 

"It's nothing, i promise Gracie. If it was anything, i'd tell you." She washed and dried her coffee mug, and hung it on the cup rack. "Now i'm going to bed, I'll see you in the morning. 


"Leave it." 

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