El Taco Grande



1. Unexpected Love

 After a trip to the mall and some much needed rest and relaxation, it's time to finally get ready for the big concert. So, step 1, shower-check. Step 2, put on clean shirt and blue jeans (eww, thats bad! Change step 2). Step 2, do laundry. Step 3, look fresh-check. Step 4 one last quick look in the mirror and I am ready to go. Oh no I just looked at my watch, it's 3:30 and I have a 3 hour drive ahead of me and I will be late if I don't leave now. On the road I decided I would eat before the concert, because it will be a long night of excitement. I decide to go with Taco Bell, because it is my favorite. I look at the menu and I decided to just order a bunch of tacos because it is a long trip. I pull around to the widow to pay and get my food, and the girl behind the window smiles with her soft eyes and I know I'm looking good now, and it's off to the concert I go. 

It's about time for the concert and I am still stuck in the parking lot, it is packed! After what seemed like hours of trying to find a parking spot, I decide I would just park in the handicap spot. And then a thought come over me, what if someone needs this spot that is really handicap? And then I have another thought; who cares IT'S TIME!!! 

I'm in the concert, I got my seat, and the concert has started. It is everything and more that expected and I am having the time of my life! Ariana starts singing Put Your Hearts Up and I have my hands in the air when all of a sudden my arm hits someone else's arm. I look over and it's the girl from the drive thru at Taco Bell. Before all I could see is her face, but now that I see her here she's a cutie, a real dime piece with real kicking curves.  We stare into each others eyes for the rest of the entire song. She started singing her next song and it was Baby I and I looked back at the girl sitting next to me and I couldn't help but notice she was looking back at me as well, it was as if Ariana Grande was creating a real life love story for me with her music. Ariana decided to take a small break in between songs and that was when I decided to make my move. I moved in close and she moves in too both our eyes are shut as our lips begin to touch, I couldn't believe it I was actually kissing Taco Bell girl. We are kissing maybe about ten seconds now, when... Oh no! Taco Bell girls tacos and the excitement of everything have finally caught  up to me and I start to worry, oh no not now! Could this really be happening and yes it was happening right here right now, I have to fart, and oh yes I did, in front of EVERYBODY! My mind went blank and my face turned red I had no idea what to do. What could I do? So I decided...

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