paranormal witness

There are two teens that where driving and they see a little girl on the side walk was dressed in white! she had very pale skin and she was very dirty! She was walking back and fourth! she also had her face down with her hands covering her face! they try to help her but they then discover the horrifying secret!


3. OH NO!!!

"she was maybe scared and went in the forest" i said so we got back in the car and started to drive home. then we where about five miles away and we saw her again and i said "how can she get far she is faster then the car." she was right in front of us and my friend said "get out and help her."i said "no." and stared to cry and she said "get out and help her." i cryed even harder and she said fine she rooled down the window and said "hey do you need some help." she did not awser she said it one more time and the little girl  ternd around her face was hollow just a big hole my heart stoped i sceremed we drove as fast as we could.we saw her five more times until we got home i said"what the hell was that." i started to blieve in ghost we never went there again.



                                                                       THE END

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