paranormal witness

There are two teens that where driving and they see a little girl on the side walk was dressed in white! she had very pale skin and she was very dirty! She was walking back and fourth! she also had her face down with her hands covering her face! they try to help her but they then discover the horrifying secret!


2. everything chaned

we hoped in the car. The road was called The Charles Avenue. At first we where scared but nothing happened. We made it through the hole friend said wait lets go through one more time so we went trough but this time there was a little girl on the grassy side walk her hands where shaking as she covered her face looking away from us she had a white dress with sliver sparkles on and she was pale and she was rocking back and forth. My friend said "is that the ghost."i said "NO lets help her."we pulled over just a couple  seconds away we get out the car a and she gone.   


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