paranormal witness

There are two teens that where driving and they see a little girl on the side walk was dressed in white! she had very pale skin and she was very dirty! She was walking back and fourth! she also had her face down with her hands covering her face! they try to help her but they then discover the horrifying secret!


1. a normal day

*beep* *beep*

All the sudden  I heard a beeping and it woke me up

I couldn't open my heavy eyes and finally I opened them and it said it was 10:30! "OMG I woke up late" I yelled loudly! I hurried up and got a blue plain shirt with a black wavy skirt! I hurried and grabbed a sandwhich and left! My friend has been waiting in my driveway for me like an hour now so I hoped in the car and left! I hurried up got to class and sat down! The teacher was silent then she gave me a detention slip. I left from detention and came back home my mom was asleep. I never believed in ghost so tonight me and my friend where going to a haunted road at 12:00 am.

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