Is this real? (An Austin & Ally story)

Ally Dawson is living a regular life with her parents and always hanging out with her friends. But when she is forced to greet her new neighbors, she doesn't except one of them to change her life.

I know this is different then what i usually do, but just give it a try please :)


3. Music class

Ally’s POV:


The next morning was like any other. I got up, got ready, ate breakfast, and walked to school. I entered the school and headed towards my locker.  Put in my combination and grabbed my books. When I was just about to close it a blond haired boy walked up to the locker next to mine. Wait, blond hair? Could it be him? I kept quiet, he closed him locker before looking at me. I lowered my head so he couldn’t see it was me.

He spoke “Hey, Im new here and I was wondering if you could help me find my classes?”

I slowly looked up making eye contact.

“Ally? Wow we go to the same school!”

I nodded “Yea, I guess so.”

I paused “So what are your classed?”

He fished it out of his backpack and handed it to me. I studied it before noticing that we had 4/6 classes together.

“Well we have language arts, science, music, and math together” I told him

The bell rang and I told him we had language arts now. I leaded him to our class and sat down in my regular seat. Trish and Cassidy took their seat beside me.

“Hey Ally did you see the new kid? He’s really hot!” Cassidy commented

I chuckled and got out my notebook.


Skip to Music class

(Still Ally’s POV)

Finally. My favorite class of the day, music. I skipped to the room and sat down. Austin trailed behind me giving me a “What the heck” look. I shrugged and put all my attention on our teacher, Mr. Brady. He told us that that we will be doing a project with partners he assigned, and do a cover of a song. Then he grabbed a piece of paper from his desk and began to read the list.

“Dallas and Kim, Cassidy and Trent, Brook and Kyle, Trish and Dez, Laura and Ross, Kira and Rocky….” He went on “Austin and Ally, and Kevin and Lilly”

I turned towards Austin and smiled. Im happy I got paired with him.




Well I hoped you enjoyed chapter 3. Did the names sound familiar? Haha, Well if there was any errors please excuse them. Please, please, please Like and favorite this book it would mean sooooo much!!!! Thank you

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