Is this real? (An Austin & Ally story)

Ally Dawson is living a regular life with her parents and always hanging out with her friends. But when she is forced to greet her new neighbors, she doesn't except one of them to change her life.

I know this is different then what i usually do, but just give it a try please :)


2. Austin Moon

Here's another chapter! I do not own "Austin & Ally" but I hope you enjoy this chapter. I'm going to try not to do any mess ups and spelling errors but if I do please excuse them. Well lets get started. Chapter two of "Is this real?"!



Ally's POV:

Wow, just wow. When Austin opened his door I just couldn't stop staring at him! His blond hair, eyes, style, mouth... 

"umm hello? " he asked bringing me out of my thought

"oh, uh sorry. It's nice to meet you Austin, Im Ally Dawson, I live right over there" I replied pointing over at my house.

He smiled "Thats cool, were neighbors!"

"Yep! Oh here, My mom made you guys a basket of goods" I said while handing him the basket.

"Thank you! Well I have to go, I'll see you around ok?" 

"Ok, have fun settling in." I smiled

"oh yeah. Sooo fun" Austin said with sarcasm in his voice.

We said our goodbyes and I went home. My night went like any other. Homework, dinner, TV and during all that, I just couldn't stop thinking about Austin. He was different then all the other guys. But there was one question I just couldn't answer to myself. Did I believe in love at first sight?




Thank you for reading! I know it's short, I'm sorry. 

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