Is this real? (An Austin & Ally story)

Ally Dawson is living a regular life with her parents and always hanging out with her friends. But when she is forced to greet her new neighbors, she doesn't except one of them to change her life.

I know this is different then what i usually do, but just give it a try please :)


1. Just a normal day

Hi everyone! Thank you for giving this story a try:)

I do not own 'Austin & Ally' Thanks again, On with the story!


Ally's Pov:


            I walked home on a Autum day from school quietly. My eyes wondered around at the houses before mine, observing them. Leafs crunched below my feet as I approuched my house. I walked up the steps to get to the front door, when I noticed the SOLD sticker covering the FOR SALE sign in big red leters. Then my eyes moved to the driveway with the big moving truck surrounded by brown boxs. I turned back to my door and entered my house as the smell of roast beff hit me.

"Hey Ally, how was school?" My mom greeted me.

"Same old same old, homework like always, test next week, pop quiz today, which i think i did good on, oh and I got a warning from Mrs. Cooper beacause I was talking to my friends while she went on and on about math."

My mom gave me a stern look.

"Now why did you get a warning?" she asked.

"It was nothing mom, I was trying to help Cassidy and Trish on a work sheet we got today, and Mrs. Cooper blew up on me! I tried to explain the situation like an adult, but oh that was a big mistak. it just mad her more mad."

My mom relaxed.

"Okay, I understand, but maybe just try helping your friends AFTER class so this doesn't happen again."


With that my mom,Penny, turned on her heel giving attention to our dinner. I headed upstairs  and walked into my room getting ready to do some homework. Grabbing my phone to get some music on, it buzzed indecating I have a message.





T: Hey guys! Sorry we got you in trouble Alls :/

C: Yeah, I feel bad and you were doing nothing wrong!

A: GUYS! Dont feel bad, Mrs,Cooper just overreacted.

C: Ok, Thank you for helping us tho

T: Agreed

A: Welcome, GTG, homework calls!

C: Oh Ally, you get home and go straight to HW :P well OK TTYL
T: You are cray- cray girl! HA :D T2UL




After that I started my homework. I got to do 3 questions when my mom called me.

"Sweetie can you come down here and do me a favor?"

Ugh "ok be right there!"


When I got downstairs I saw a big basket of goodies on the counter. My mom spoke.

"Did you see we got new neighbors? Well I would like you to go over and greet them while I finish up dinner, Oh and Dad wont be able to make it for dinner today" she said

I frowned"Ok Mom be right back"

With that I walked out the door and rang the doorbell to the new neighbors house. I waited a few seconds and then I heard footsteps. The door opened and I looked up to see a gorgeous blond hair boy standing in front of me.

"Hi My name is Austin Moon."





Thats the first chapter of "Is this real"! Thanks fr reading and I hoped you liked it:) If there is any, please ignore any errors.

Til next time




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