How to save a life (Larry Stylinson fan fic)

This is a story about a flower crown harry with his friends Niall and Liam who all fall i n love. All the guys they love tho are all fallen angels. With a war of fallen and immortals if these 3 guys make a wrong choice...It could mean their lives with it (Based off of the Series: Hush, Hush)


2. Chapter 1



The young 18 year old lad walked down the street and was humming. His flower crown on his head and he had his backpack over his shoulder. He was a very good signed and most people told him. Well everyone one who wasn't the punks. He was going to school and walked in.




Harry smiled as he turned around seeing his friends Liam, and Niall. He walked over after string his stuff and waved. They hugged him and smiled.


They all walked down the hall. The doors slammed opened and Harry felt his heart stop. Liam quickly got Harry and Niall to math class. The punks never messed with Liam since one had a crush on him. But till Liam talks to him and become friends, Niall and Harry are punching bags. Harry sat down in his normal seat next to Niall.


The teacher walked in a little bit later. "Okay. I see these seats are not working out so I'm changing them." Everyone groaned as they were changed. The teacher changed Niall and Harry frowned. He watched a guy with brown reddish hair that hid his face, a black tee on it, black skinny jeans, vans, a beanie, and his arms covered in tattoos. He saw the lad had an ear pierced, one on his eyebrow, and two lip rings. Harry looked down knowing he was a punk.


"Hello." The other lad said.


"Hi." Harry whispered softly. 'He's cute but he's a punk and I'm a...a weirdo, freak, loser.' He sighed softly to himself.


"What's your name....partner?" The other lad asked.


"I-I'm Harry."  Harry stuttered out. "And you?"


The other lad just stay there as everyone else got to know their new partners.


Harry coughed as the other lad looked at him. "I said. And you?"


The lad chuckled. "Oh I'm Louis. Call me Lou. I mean it. Call me." He winked.


Harry shook his head then went back to drawing as two guys took his book and he tried to get it back. He sighed as the guys made fun of him and tried to get his book back.


Harry caught it as they went to their sit. He sat down and opened it up. "Thank you..."


"Welcome." The lad was looking at the younger one with his black eyes. He leaned in slightly then wrote his number on his hand then went back to looking in space.


Harry blinked then shook his head and went back to drawing as his flower crown fell on his eyes and he fixes it. He finished drawing and he smiled. It was Liam and Zayn.

Louis glanced over and smiled softly at the picture. "That's a really good drawing Harry." Harry looked at him and smiled. "Thank you."


For the rest of period all they did was talk about more drawings Harry did. He leaned back looking at one of Niall and the quiet, shy Josh. He smiled softly at the pictures but kept with the one with Liam and Zayn and worked on it. Once he finished, he colored it in.

The bell rang and everyone left first period chatting and all. Harry got up and got his things, leaving last with Niall.


Niall squealed. “Oh my god!! You were talking to Louis!! He’s like...the leader of the punks!!”


Harry raised a brow. “Yeah and....?”


“If you become his friend, we won’t get beat up anymore!!”


Harry sighed and shook his head. They walked and stopped noticing Liam and Zayn. Liam was holding Zayn close with his hands wrapped around his waist. Zayn had his fingers tangled and tugging at Liam’s hair. Zayn’s bottom lip was swollen from all the biting and tugging that was being done. Zayn moaned softly into Liam’s mouth as their tongues flew for dominance and Liam won. Liam smirked and saw us as Zayn kissed his neck.


“H-Hey guys.” Liam panted slightly.


“God please fuck in the bathroom, because that shit is hot.” Niall said. Harry nodded in agreement.


Liam picked Zayn up and threw him over his shoulder and ran to the bathroom.


Niall got his phone out and followed. Harry giggled then thought to himself. ‘Should I go to gym or go to the bathroom and watched some ziam sex....ZIAM SEX!’ Harry ran to the bathroom.


Once Harry got there, he snuck next to Niall. They hid near the doorway behind a plant as they watched. Liam had Zayn pinned against the wall and was nipping, biting, sucking his neck. Zayn was moaning and whined trying to grind against Liam. Liam smirked and took Zayn’s shirt off. Zayn pulled Liam close by his hips and smashed his lips against Liam’s. He fumbled to undo Liam’s pants as Liam took his shirt off. Zayn kissed Liam’s neck as Liam panted softly.




Zayn pushed Liam’s pants down as Liam stepped out of them. Liam took Zayn’s pants off and got his boxers down at the same time and pinned him back against the wall. He nipped at Zayn’s chest as Zayn moaned and whined.


“Uh L-Liiiiiiiiiiiii....”


“What? Come on tell me what you want.”


Zayn panted hard. “Come on don’t tease just fuck me already.”


Liam smirked. “Nice and e-”


Zayn cut him off in mid sentence. “Hard and rough and NOW.” His eyes darken with need and lust.


Liam answered him. “Well if you want me to.”


Zayn was about to speak but Liam spun him around. Zayn put his hands against the wall as he spread his legs like someone would do if they were being checked by a cop. Liam smirked and bit Zayn’s neck and grabbed his ass. Zayn moaned loudly and whined slightly. Liam growled softly and lined up, and thrusted in hard. Zayn gasped and tightened hard and moaned loudly.

Harry and NIall just watched. They both felt their jaw drops, shocked, at Liam. Niall was videotaping it and mumbled to Harry. “I need sex, now.” Harry nodded in agreement and followed Niall out of the bathroom as moans, screams of pleasure, and groans fell out from Liam and Zayn’s mouth.


As Niall and Harry went to gym second period. Louis was leaning against a wall then noticed Harry. He got up and walked over corning Harry. Harry yelped slightly and whined. He noticed NIall talking to Josh. Louis tilted Harry’s head to make him look at him.


Harry took a shaky breath and asked the other. “W-What do you want?”


Louis answered “You. My house. Tonight. At 7. I’ll pick you up.”


Louis left a small kiss on Harry’s cheek then went to play in gym. Harry blinked then followed with a blush on his face. He yelped as something pinned him against the wall. He saw it was his ex best friend. “Xavier...”


Xavier growled.“Shut up Harry. I want you to stay away from Louis. He’s danger.”


“Shut up Xavier. Leave me alone.”


“No! Harry. He’s trouble. Really He is hu-”


Louis coughed and walked over. “Excuse me. But he said. Let him go.” Louis’ eyes darkened and glared slightly at Xavier.


Xavier let Harry go and looked at Harry. “Remember what I said. Please Harry.” He jogged away.


Louis looked at Harry. He moved some curls out of his face. “You okay?”


Harry nodded and hugged Louis around the waist. He pulled away then went to walk around the gym like he was suppose to. Louis ran over and put his arm around Harry’s shoulder and smiled. Harry giggled softly and blushed hard. It was weird Louis would do this even tho they weren’t dating. He didn’t even know him!


The teacher yelled. “Harry! You’re needed in the office!!”


Harry sighed then left Louis and got his things and went to the office. Once he walked in he noticed someone waiting for him and he felt his heart stop.

“Hello Harry...” A man with a low voice said with a grin on his face.

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