|Harry Styles (1D) Fan-Fiction| Mess, Messy, Messed up love


The story is about a girl called Claire who lives in USA, who's life is a mess. She works at Starbucks to get money for house rent, but one day it all goes wrong and she looses her home, job and maybe hope? She starts doing terrible things on her body, in all secretness, and starts doing robbery, to get money. But who stops her? Who WILL stop her?

The day before everythings goes wrong, she goes to a party at her friend Jamie's house. A few hours before she served a young man at Starbucks called Harry, and he was soooo attractive so much that she can't get him out of her head.
She meet's him at the party... What will happen?

Read, like and comment! Much love!


3. Chapter III

,,Hold up, wait, hey!’’ I stopped and pulled eagerly for breath. What does he think? I don’t have flat shoes on, and he just pulling me through wet grass, mud and other disgusting things with my heels on?! He stopped and his breath was heavy and yet energetic. His breast moved up and down and his mouth prude tight while his eyebrows pulled together. ,, What’s going on, wh-why…’’ I frustrated opened my mouth, but couldn’t really put a whole sentence together. He let go of my hand, interlaced his fingers and put them on the back of his head, and turn the back on me. I did a confused hand gesture. He threw his arms down the side, and made an angry face expression while he made a weird thing with his hands. ,, That guy was a douche! What is he thinking?! – make a girl like you, uncomfortable?! I can, could… Grr!’’ He turns back and faces me. I just stand there, confused. Wait I minute… That face, those curls. I tilt my head to the side and narrow my eyes thoughtfully. He realizes my confused and thoughtfully staring. ,, Who are you again?’’ I ask. ,, Harry, you know… From the coffee bar where you work?’’ He smiles and smirks in a low voice. My face freezes and a small flashback flew in from the back of my head to my eyes. I open my mouth and said: ,, Harry…’’ He nodded and stepped closer. ,, Why did you take me out here? -  Well, I know you came to my rescue for a few minutes ago, but why hit him? Why even care?’’ I gave him an unsecure smile. He shook his head and scratched himself in the head. It felt like he didn’t even hat an explanation or just an excuse for my question. ,, I just have that strange feeling of protecting you, ‘’ he looked deep into my eyes, and I just couldn’t hold the gaze, so I looked down at my feet’s. ,, I know it’s weird, and I know I shouldn’t punch him THAT hard, but… It’s hard to explain…’’ He moistened his lips and bit the under lip afterwards. I didn’t really get it.
Well, I kinda did, but it didn’t gave me a probably answer to why he even cared about me? Harry looked down, and I could feel he felt weird about it, and he was embarrassed but damn he was good hiding it. I’d then cleared my throat and got his attention. ,, Thank you, Harry I appreciate what you did, ‘’ I smiled to him and then stepped closer. He smiled again to me. I looked at his watch. 00:12. ,, I should probably go home, it’s getting quite dark, and-,’’ - ,, I’ll take you home?’’ Harry interrupts and steps closer. We were only a few centimeters from each other, and at this point I’d normally stepped a few steps back because it would have been to uncomfortable, but for some reason Harry made me feel comfortable? So I didn’t step away. ,, No, it’s fine I’ll just take the bus home, ‘’ I smiled innocent at him and began to walk. I thought he would run after me and protest, but he didn’t. Weird, I thought and walked over to the bus stop. I looked at the bus plan and opened my eyes wide. The last bus drove at 23:55! I was angry. If Harry didn’t talked to me that long time, I would have been sitting in that bus, right now. It was frustrating. I took my shoes of and mumbled swear words. I began to walk down the street when I heard a car coming from behind. In a quick reaction I looked over my shoulder and saw a big black car with… - ,, Either is the bus late, or it has stop driving in the middle of the night, ‘’ Harry giggled and followed me until I stopped and looked desponded at him. He gave me a smile that could kill every woman who saw it, and it almost killed me. ,, Let me give you a ride, as I said before, ‘’ Harry stopped the car, and as the gentleman he was, he stepped out of the car, opened the passenger door, made a hand expression as in; - Alright mam, this way into the car, and I’ll drive you home safely! – And he did.

We stood in my front door into my apartment and small talked. I giggled when he told me he was in a band. He just smiled, couldn’t tell if it was disappointment or a joking smile. ,, Sooo…’’ He said. ,, Thank you for the ride, Harry… It was very thoughtful, you shouldn’t have picked me up, when I was dumb enough the first time to say no, ‘’ I smiled embarrassed. He lifted my chin, and a rushing feeling of butterflies and goose pimples hit me from my chin to my toes. ,, You’re so beautiful, don’t you forget that, ‘’ he whispered and looked deep into my blue eyes. And then he kissed me. I closed my eyes, but opened them again shortly after he walked a few steps away from me. ,, Have a lovely evening, maybe we’ll see each other again someday, Claire. ‘’ He smiled to me, and the next few seconds after he left, I just stood there. He knew my name. But how? Then I remembered. My sign on my Starbucks apron. I rolled my eyes at myself, smiled and walked into my apartment. 

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