|Harry Styles (1D) Fan-Fiction| Mess, Messy, Messed up love


The story is about a girl called Claire who lives in USA, who's life is a mess. She works at Starbucks to get money for house rent, but one day it all goes wrong and she looses her home, job and maybe hope? She starts doing terrible things on her body, in all secretness, and starts doing robbery, to get money. But who stops her? Who WILL stop her?

The day before everythings goes wrong, she goes to a party at her friend Jamie's house. A few hours before she served a young man at Starbucks called Harry, and he was soooo attractive so much that she can't get him out of her head.
She meet's him at the party... What will happen?

Read, like and comment! Much love!


2. Chapter II

I slammed the almost broken door, and threw my bag on the ground. I walked through the kitchen and straight into my room. I sighed loud and rolled my eyes, when I saw the crumpled stack of clothes on my bed. I stood there for a few sec, and thought about life. Mom and sis left me and dad behind, because dad was in trouble, and she could only afford food for 2 persons, herself and my sister. Well, it doesn’t bother me at all. Maybe it did for 3 years ago, but because I’m almost 18 I can handle it. Handle the truth. My dad died one year ago, and I really thought I was going to see my sister and mom in the church, or just at crematorium where my dad was going to be burned, but I didn’t. At that point I knew I was all alone, and had to LIVE on my own, without a mom or a dad.

I shook my head, and wetted my lips. I have to move on, speaking of moving on I was going to that party at Jamie’s. I found a black, knee-short, long sleeved dress with laces all over it, and with a white collar sewed along the neck of the dress . It was kinda the 50’is style. I curled the ends of my hair, and hairspray in the rest of the hair, and then I put on a natural make up on. I look in the mirror for a sec before I clenched my fist and smashed it into the wall. Why?! I start crying. For no reason. Or well, there had to be a reason, but sometimes you just have to let all the bad things out, so new and good things can come in.

I locked my door and walked down the stairs. I took the bus over to Jamie’s, and should only walk a few meters, before I heard the loud noise of laughing, talking and yelling people. Soon I could hear the music, and before I knew it, I was at Jamie’s doorstep. I was just about to knock on the front door, but then the door opened. ,,HEYYYY, HOTSTUUUFFFFFFF!’’ Jamie was already really drunk and gave me an awkward drunkie-hug. ,,Hey, Jamie,’’ I smiled at her and stepped inside the house. I looked around. People everywhere. Every inch of the floor was covered by people. I squeezed through people, saying the same words over and over again: ,,Sorry’’- ,,Excuse me,’’ - ,,Can I get through here? Thank you,’’. It was stressful. I turned my head and saw Damian. Oh fuck. Reason number one, that I shouldn’t go. He waved at me and before I recognized anything he stood in front of me. ,,Hey, Claire!’’ He smiled awkwardly. I just nodded, and fidgeted nervously in my heels. He put his and on my chin and leaned his head a little bit to the side. I turned my head away from his hans, and he just laughed that creepy way when someone rejects him. ,, I thought we were over that, sweetie,’’ - ,, Stop calling me that, you freak,’’ I growled at him. Damian was my boyfriend… Once. Big mistake. Big asshole. He laid his hand on my hip and I said really loud: ,,Let go of me!’’ But he wouldn’t. He came closer to my body, and I couldn’t move, because of all the people. ,,Shh, baby! We’ll just do it like the old times, you remember?’’ He pushed it. Pushed it too far. ,,Let go of me!’’ I said in a firm voice. ,, Let go she said,’’ a deep and softly, but hard and seriously voice came from behind me. I didn’t want to turn around. I literally couldn’t. ,,Oh! The prince on the, wait… I was going to say white horse, but yeah. Your that kid, I know you… You’re the ladies’ man, but you can’t scare me, big boy!’’ Damian’s laughed again but stopped, when he got pushed back by a strong guy. Apparently the guy, that told him to let go of me. Damian’s grip around my waist wasn’t there anymore, because that stranger pushed him away from me. The only thing I could see was the strangers back. Curly hair, nice clothes and shoes, a tattoo at his wrist, and… I took a deep inhalation. He’s smell. I smiled quickly at it, but then I heard someone scream. Damian laid there right on the floor! I’ve been here for what? 20 minutes, and then the stranger grab my hand says: ,,Come,’’ and then I, with no hesitation, just followed with him. Who is this guy? And what do he wants with me?

Is it that boy from the earlier that day, or is it another boy?!

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