|Harry Styles (1D) Fan-Fiction| Mess, Messy, Messed up love


The story is about a girl called Claire who lives in USA, who's life is a mess. She works at Starbucks to get money for house rent, but one day it all goes wrong and she looses her home, job and maybe hope? She starts doing terrible things on her body, in all secretness, and starts doing robbery, to get money. But who stops her? Who WILL stop her?

The day before everythings goes wrong, she goes to a party at her friend Jamie's house. A few hours before she served a young man at Starbucks called Harry, and he was soooo attractive so much that she can't get him out of her head.
She meet's him at the party... What will happen?

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1. Chapter I

I just started on my new job, when I got a text from my best friend Jamie.
- Hey babe! U coming to ma’ party tonight, right? Xx
I rolled my eyes and smiled at the text. Of course I would come, it was just that….- ,,Hi, can I get a Frappuccino and a ehm, 3 cookies?’’ A business woman stood in front of the disk and ordered. She looked stressed and rushed at me.  ,,Your name, mam?’’ I pulled the plug of the ink off, ready to write the woman’s name on the Starbucks cup, but the woman made a repellent move with her and, and started to find the money in her purse. ,,Ehm, it will be 12 bucks,’’ I said. The woman almost threw the money at me. ,, Make it quick, please,’’ and in the same second her phone ringed. I rolled my eyes and started to make a freaking frappe. When I finished it all, I sat the cookies and the frappe on the disk, and then she turned around in such a hurry that her hand, in process getting the frappe, hit it hard and wrong so it flew right out on my clothes, face and hair. I would rip her head off! How could she! Maybe it was an accident, but how dare she to talk to me like that, and THEN spill a frappe ALL OVER ME?! She sighed high, rolled her eyes, took the cookies and ran out of the store with her phone glued to her ear. I was so angry, and embarrassed. She didn’t even apologize! What a business and stressed hoe. I’m feeling sorry for her. I checked the clock. Yes. Lucky me! No more work for today! I took a towel and wiped the mess from the frappe off my face. I was just about to take my apron of, when the doorbell rang from the door in the other end of the room. I rolled my eyes and looked at the stranger with mad eyes. Why now! I have to go home, to get to Jamie’s party!
For God’s sake. But my face became a lot different when I took a look around the people who sat down and drank their coffee. Their eyes monitored as the man came all the way up to the disk. I was so busy looking at others gazes that I didn’t recognize the young man was talking to me. ,,Ehm… Earth calling pretty girl?’’ His voice was deep and soft, and made me snap out of my trance.  ,,Oh, I’m sorry! What can I get you?’’ I tried to see through his dark Ray Ban sunglasses, which was quite funny because it was dark outside so why wear sunglasses? ,, A Frappuccino,’’ I sighed quiet, but loud enough to the young and actually pretty attractive man, heard it. ,, Something wrong?’’ - ,, No just that…’’ I looked down at myself and said: ,,  I spilled coffee all-over me,’’ What?! Why did I tell him that? He have NO right AT ALL to inferred in my business! He should mind his own business! But still… I just told him, or not quite the truth, but still. How dare he ask? Maybe he just was curious? Anyways, I gave him a half smile and took my pen up from my front pocket in my apron and asked for his name. ,,Harry,’’ I smiled and wrote the name on the cup.
As the frappe was finished I was so consumed by his curls, his face, his hands, his… ,,Here you go! 6 dollars, please’’ I smiled and handed my hand towards his. He gave me the money and his hand touched mine. In that sec, I was alone with him in the room. It was like a dream! ,,Thanks!’’ He walked away. I sighed and took my apron of. I looked around. People was about to go and so was I.

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