Dying world

Andrew has not eaten for three days and has gone in search for food. Can he escape the dogs and birds mutated into ruthless killing machines by aliens? Will he have to use his pistol? He knows all to well the sound of the gunshot would alert every mutant dog and bird in town to his exact location.


2. Five Days, forty nine bullets

I ran faster than I could ever remember running, each footfall echoing down the street. As I ran I held the gun in front of me expecting one of the dogs to jump me from a shadow at any moment.

I crunched through scatters of broken glass as I dodged around cars and the bus which had blocked the dogs view just long enough to climb into the Land Rover.

I put on a burst of speed as the barking of the dogs grew nearer and nearer. I tried to guess where the dogs were, One street away? Two streets away? They rounded the far end of the street and II swore, they were closer than I thought.

The dogs were running fast, freakishly fast. The first was a greyhound, sleek and thin and no doubt deadly.  But I was almost at the door, ten meters, five meters away, there.

 I yanked open the door and slammed it shut behind me just as the greyhound reached it.  Well I tried to, the greyhounds head was through the door, snapping and snarling. I yanked at the door all I could but the greyhound wouldn’t budge.

Three shots to the head did it and the door shut with a click. I wiped the splattered blood of my face and retreated up stairs, two steps at a time.

I ran into the spare room I had been sleeping in and shut the door before dropping my backpack to the floor and collapsing against the door.

I sat against the door regaining my breath, the sound of my heart echoing around and around in my head. The dogs were barking down stairs but I was sure they had not got in. I breathed a sigh of relief and emptied my rucksack onto the floor.

I grabbed up a chicken sandwich and ripped open the wrapper before taking a big bite. It smelled slightly off but I ate it anyway, I was way too hungry to be picky.

After eating two sandwiches and a packet of crisps I felt revived and as the sunlight had almost completely faded I walked over to the windows to close them.

I gasped as I saw the street there must have been at least seventeen dogs and twenty ravens. I felt fear build up inside me. Well, I would rather starve to death than be ripped apart by that lot. Just don’t think about that. Nevertheless I knew there was no way the dogs were getting through two doors and I knew even ravens, swollen to almost twice their size by the Alien infection would struggle with double glazed smash proof glass. My last thoughts before my body shut down for the night was my mum’s fear of burglary had finally come to some use.



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