The Private Life of Kelsi Higgins

Kelsi was a normal girl. Thrown into a world she never agreed too. She doesn't mind one direction but she would rather not have to baby sit them for a year..


2. Why Hello There

Hello, my names Kelsi Higgins, I'm 17 and currently live in London with my Mum,Dad,5 Brothers, 4 sisters and my 4 dogs! I'm in my final year at Waterhill high, well I will be after summer!

my life's pretty straight forward, I go to school, do coursework, hang out with friends and family, work and so on... I mean I'm no celebrity.

My dad's pretty well known, he's one directions babysitter, I mean bodyguard. Well he was anyway, it was his last day today, I love my dad and want to spend more time with him!

Yeah so my life story for you.



(authors note;sorry for these 2 rubbish chapters it'll get better x)

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