The Private Life of Kelsi Higgins

Kelsi was a normal girl. Thrown into a world she never agreed too. She doesn't mind one direction but she would rather not have to baby sit them for a year..


3. Secrets

'Family Meeting' My dad yelled across the house. My house was a 4 storey house, but my dads voice can go VERY loud-it kind of needs too, to be heard over millions of screaming fans eveyday.

Everyone gathered in the garden as that was the only place where everyone could sit together without sitting on eachother and anyway it was a nice day.

'As some of you older ones know, today was not infact my last day of being the boys bodygaurd.' he annouced.

The younger ones gasped in excitment while the older ones sat there smugly.

'Im 17 do I not count as a older one?' I spat and walked away. I told you I had a short temper. I dont have a clue what the 'annoucement' is but I dont like the sound of it.

After about 2 minutes I arrived in my bedroom right at the very top of the house and soon after my oldest brother and sister came up.

'You not coming with us to pick a bus?' Pippa asked.

'A what? Why the heck do we need a bus?' I replied.

'Oh yeah, you stormed off before Dad told the rest of you..We're going on tour with One Direction for a year. The bus is for us to live in.' Dan explained.

They expect 15 of us to live in a bus?' I yelled.

'Chill its like a massive house.' Pip added.

'The motor home company have got 5 storey ones.' Dan mumbled.

'So you coming?'Pippa asked nervously.

'Well its gonna be my house for the next year so I s'pose!'

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