The Private Life of Kelsi Higgins

Kelsi was a normal girl. Thrown into a world she never agreed too. She doesn't mind one direction but she would rather not have to baby sit them for a year..


4. Motor Home

Everyone piled into the van.

I was last in and sat in the front next to mum and dad, great.

I quickly grabbed my Iphone 5 and started to listen to my mix-tape I had finished.

I was really pleased with it, but as soon as the first song had finished my dad yanked out my earphones and said angrily

'What the hell was that for earlier?'

'Don't know what you mean?' i replied.

'Storming off when your Father was telling you the good news' mum implied.

I huffed annoyed.

'What's good about being dragged around the world for a year with 5 boys i dont even like?'

'It will get some cultre in you' Mum mumbled.

'Mum I work at a chinese resturant is'nt that enough culture?'

'No, Kels I know you dont feel particularly happy about this, but this a good thing!' my sister added leaning forward to join the convosation.

'Dad's got you a job helping the wardrobe,hair and makeup department' mum said kindly.

I sighed.

'Thanks dad'

No matter how much i argued i was going that was final.

(authors note;please tell me how i can impove)xx


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