Sirena Cove

City If bones comp


1. The tale Of Sirena Cove

Casper ran over to me and I shut my eyes to shield them. As I opened my eyes, I felt the wet gooey ice-cream slide down my face.

He ran. And I ran right after him. We ran through the trees that bordered the beach and down a long sloped hill that we both tumbled down (but I managed to keep the ice cream in tact). The trees opened out to another part of the beach I never knew was there. It was completely empty. Casper couldn't see me, so stood there panting at the mouth of a cave where wild flowers sprung out of the sand. That's when I got him I jumped on his back and smudged the ice-cream all over his face. He wrestled me to the ground and we ended up rolling on the sand laughing.

“Coral, the look on your face when I put ice-cream all over it,” Casper laughed.

“Whatever, I soo got you back,” I replied. We lay back, looking up at the sky for a while.

“So where are we?” I asked.

“I didn't know this place existed, but I think this is the legendary Sirena cove,” Casper said, “The story you told me your father told you about your mother being a mermaid, I think it was based on the Sirena Cove myth.”

“Tell me it,” I said.

“Well, it just so happens, one of my specialities is story telling,” Casper says and leaning on his elbows, begins.

Unlike other stories, this didn't begin once upon a time, or twice or three times but several times, upon many different eras. At the time of the Romans, in the medieval times, maybe even at the beginning of time, but the time of our story starts in 18th Century Italy. Meet...Caspian, a young man from Messina with dreams of becoming a sailor, to travel to the edge of the world. He worked hard as a stable boy and so his father bought him a boat. It wasn't fit for travelling the world in, but the small canoe lent him easy travel around Sirena cove. Every day after work he spent his nights floating aboard his canoe far out into the ocean but he knew every time he must come back to land. He knew every time he got into the boat, a few hours later he would have to climb back out of it and return to his simple life. The next day Caspian found out there was a new ship in the port, they were looking for young sailors to join the crew. It was very early in the morning so no one had seen it yet. Caspian knew if he was to be chosen he would have to sign up now before there were no spaces left. So he did. The poster had said they would be leaving in a month to set off on a dangerous journey to the edge of the world.

Later that evening he went to his boat feeling happy, finally he would be a true sailor. He whistled a sweet tune as he glided through the water. Suddenly he saw something flicker by the cave mouth. He dropped on his knees in shock. Sitting there at the edge of the water was a ...mermaid. He had heard about the half fish people from his sister but never had he thought they were real until now. Looking more closely he saw that she was in distress. Her tail seemed to be caught on a rock and she struggled to free herself and get back in the water, her breathing was shallow. He cautiously walked towards her, a hand stretched out to see if she was real. She shuddered.

Stay away from me Man, you are cruel beings, you do not like the Mer,” She cried, wiggling her tail frantically in fear.

Please,” Caspian said, “I do not wish to hurt you, but help you.” He slowly edged towards her.

Really, you do not wish to throw me in a prison, or worse burn me alive,” She asked.

Of course not, what type of a man would that make me, certainly not a gentlemen,” Caspian said. Her body language became relaxed not defensive and he took that as a sign to bend down at her side and roll the rock off her tail.

The rock fell from the cliff as I was exploring the beach, my mother's always saying that being curious will lead me to my death and I suppose it would have if you hadn't helped me,” She said smiling. It was enchanting to Caspian. She was stunningly beautiful. Her hair glistened like the sea itself, reflecting the beautiful sky in it's shining darkness. Her eyes were so green they were like nature itself. And her tail was smooth and finer than the softest silk.

There are more of you?” Caspian asked.

Yes, of course, for every human there's a mer,” she explained.

Looking up at the dark starry sky, Caspian realised he had to go if he didn't want to be chastised by his mother.

I, Ihave to go,” He sighed. He didn't want to leave. Didn't want to wake up tomorrow to find this was all a dream. “But please, would you meet me again tomorrow?”

She took his hands and held them in her own.

I have a proposition, if I am to teach you the ways of the mer, will you teach me the ways of Man?” She asked, “It will mean us meeting every night here.”

Of course!” Caspian said happily. If he came back tomorrow and she was there then he would know for certain she was real. People would believe him.

But there is one condition, you tell no one of your kind and I tell no one of mine, I have seen bad things happened to the Mer because of Man and I think you are an exception, you could have captured me when I was stuck under the rock but instead you helped me and asked for nothing in return.”

For days they met exchanging information about the two species opening up to each other in a way they hadn't in their own kinds. Many weeks had passed and Caspian realised he didn't know her name and she didn't know his. He sat down by the shore next to her as they looked up at the starry ky.

My name is Caspian, what is yours?” Caspian asked. He was becoming overcome with her beauty, her grace, her laughter. Just her voice left him with an unending happiness throughout the day.

My name,” She said, “Is Coralia, sir Caspian,” She said.

Soon Coralia and Caspian became passionately in love, but they knew they would never really be together. The night before Caspian was set to go to sea, he came back to see Coralia and he heard crying. He ran towards the cave mouth where they always met, but she wasn't alone. Cradled in her arms was a baby. Caspian gasped, he didn't know what to say.

I didn't think it was possible,” Caspian said, sinking to his knees.

I thought you might name her but you have to take her,” Coralia said handing him the child. She was beautiful. She had her mothers green eyes but Caspian's curly brown hair. She would be called Coralia.

You know I cannot take her, a ship is no place for a child,” I replied.

I fear for her Caspian, she is a half breed, if she comes down to my people they will kill her and they will banish me for loving a Man, for there is something I didn't tell you Caspian,” Coralia began, “I am in line to be queen of my people, if people found out about what I've been doing I'd probably be assasinated.”

What you'd been doing? I mean nothing to you, do I?” Caspian said, “I will take my daughter but she will never know you, I'll keep her far away from the sea!” Caspian cradled his child and fled from Coralia ignoring her cries after him. He was stricken with grief, he had a new born baby which his family didn't know about and he was set to board a ship and work as a crew member the next day. In the end Caspian never got to go to the edge of the world, he gave up his dreams for his daughter.

Coralia grew up never knowing she was a mermaid but never stopped looking for her mother. The legend is two halflings will find their way back to the sea and stop the curse which befalls Sirena Cove.

We sat in silence for a while. I had always thought of silence as the time when nature gets to speak. In that moment it was the time when I heard the gentle lapping of the ocean, felt the wild flowers tickle my neck. It was the time where I could look up at the sky and see the stars and just stop thinking. I was just accepting the beauty of it all.

We stepped into my apartments. Suddenly I stopped. I put a finger to Caspian's lips. Something told me not to go in, I couldn't see the person my dad was talking to but my father looked upset so I waited.

“I hate that we have to lie to them about the salt water allergy,” My father said. He was talking about Caspian and I,our allergies were a lie. I was so angry.

“Yeah, but having a salt water allergy is better than telling them the truth,” Nadia said. Caspian's mother was here.

I looked at Caspian and he looked at me. We were going back to the cove and we were going into the sea.



We were two best friends standing in our underwear shivering , deliberating whether or not to disobey our parents.

“What could be so bad, why we can't go in the sea?” Casper said.

I had only been living in Messina for a few months and soon I would leave to go to some other place and I wouldn't be allowed in the water there either.

Holding hands we jumped in the water. As it touched my skin I felt..revitalized.

Suddenly my legs began to shake, I couldn't stop it, but it seemed to be happening to Caspian too. A beautiful cry sounded through the water and suddenly heads started appearing. Hundreds of heads with beautiful colored hair and what seemed to be shimmering swimming costumes . I was scared.

“Caspan, Coralia,” A woman said, I wasn't sure if she'd realised she had lost the top half of her bikini. “We've been waiting for you.”

“This is so freaky, Coral what is going on?” Casper asked, I shook my head.

“Both of you , look down at your legs.” A man said nearby, he looked remarkably like Casper. I looked down and saw my legs, they weren't there. I rubbed my eyes multiple times and looked down again, it was still there. The tail. Was I, were they, were we...mermaids? Or in Casper's case a merman. I couldn't breath. I dunked my head under the water and screamed and when I looked to my right I saw Casper was doing the same thing. As I looked around I saw glimmering tails all around us. But they weren't all plastic green like in movies, they each were their own colours and some of the colours I had never seen before. Mine was red, I had a red tail. I looked at Casper and saw he was screaming 'awesome' at his tail. Then I realised we had been under the water for a really long time and I hadn't taken a breath...

I returned to the surface.

“You two have broken the curse, of the Sirena Cove? We've been waiting your arrival for centuries,” The women mermaid said. She seemed to be respected as all of the others looked at her with admiration, maybe she was the leader.

“And I have to say, you took your time...son,” The l merman said. It was Caspian's father. I looked at the women in front of me, the leader. She smiled at me and I saw her eyes looked just like mine. I looked at Caspian he looked at me, and he kissed me.

We might not live happily ever after when our parents found out what we had done, and our mer parents had a lot of explaining to do but we were at home.






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