Never loved you

Rose is a 16 year old girl who is almost done with junior year in high school.
Is she popular? No.
Is she bullied? Constantly.
Does she have friends? None.
Does she have feelings for the boy who causes her the most pain? Absoloutley.

She never wanted to love Harry, she never wanted to be his friend.
But something deep inside tells her she wants him.
Something so deep and powerful, that she would fall for his mate's prank for him.

*Yes there is a Movella kinda like this, but this is my virsion <3 Enjoy*


6. New chapter

Rose's POV:
I walked into the kitchen while my mom and Christine set the table.
Christine looked up at me, "oh Rose! Would you get Preston for me? Dinner is almost ready" she smiled and put a fork down.
I stood blankly, shocked, worried, and scared. I would have to cross Zayn again.
"Uh... S-sure" I said and turned around on my heels. I started hesitantly walking up the stairs, I tried avoiding the squeaky spots so Zayn didnt run after me. I got to the top and tip toed down the hallway to Preston's room.
I got to his room and knocked on the doorframe, "dinner is, uh- ready" I said and started down the hall. I heard them walking up behind me, I got scared so naturally I ran down the stairs like my life depended on it.
I got to the bottom of the stairs and ran into the kitchen, "hi honey" my mom said and handed me a plate. "Gather as much as you want on your plate" Christine said a bit to perky. I nodded and made my way to the mashed potatoes and gravy.
~warning you might get a bit hungry. Aha~
I grabbed the big spoon laid next to the bowl of mashed potatoes, I scooped up some and plopped it onto my plate. I scooped up some gravy and poured it onto my mash potatoes; making it flow a bit off the potatoes.
I went to the next portion, the main course which was sesame chicken. I took a fork and pushed it through the steamy, glossy, seasoned chicken. I put it on my plate and then put some extra buttered broccoli on my plate. 
I got to the dining table and looked for a spot to sit, "honey you can sit next to Zayn" Christine smiled and pointed at the seat.
"O-okay" I gulped and shuffled over to the seat, I sat down and as gently as I could; put my plate on the table.

I took a napkin and put it on my lap, I started eating and the sesame chicken filled my mouth with saucy pleasure.
*wtf that sounds... 'Saucy' ;)'
"This is great" I said with a mouth full, "thanks" Christine giggled.
I picked up the glass of water placed by my plate and drank it, regretfully getting the sesame chicken taste out of my mouth.
I picked up some broccoli with my fork and placed it into my mouth, immediately pouring a great amount of buttered and fried pleasure into my mouth.
I felt a hand glide onto my thigh as I was enjoying the broccoli. I jumped a bit at the unexpected touch, "are you okay?" Preston asked.
"Yeah I'm fine" I said giving Zayn the 'I'm gonna kill you' look.
He just smirked and rubbed his thumb along my thigh. His touch gave my tingles and goosebumps, but made me indescribably uncomfterdable. 
He scooted his hand higher, giving me butterflies and making me uneasy.
His hand glided to the top of my pants, his thumb fiddled with the top of them. I gulped and took a sip of water. His hand glided to the center of my pants, "may I go to the bathroom?" I said immediately and stood up.
Zayn quickly put his hand down, "of course" Christine said and took a sip of water. I nodded and made my way around the dining table.
"I'm finished" I heard Zayn say and setting his plate in the sink, "wanna go to my room?" I heard Preston ask and start walking out of the kitchen.
I panicked and ran up the stairs, "yeah" Zayn replied and ran up the stairs right as I closed the bathroom door.
I pushed my body against the door and sighed. "I think I left my jacket on the bathroom floor, im gonna get it" Zayn said and walked up to the door.
"Go away Zayn" I scoffed, "no" he laughed and opened the door.
Crap I didnt lock it.
"What do you want?" I asked and stood there. "You'll see" he smirked and started cornering me, "please don't hurt me" I said and hit a wall. I slid down it and looked up at him, he was inches away from me and this position was awkward.
He kneeled down to my level, he placed his thumb on my chin and examined my eyes. 
"And why not?" He smirked, "because there's no reason to" I replied. "But its fun" he sneered.
"Not for me" I said and gulped.
He grabbed my shoulders and made me stand up with him.
He walked over to the bathroom door and locked it, "Zayn, wha are you doi-" he cut me off by slamming his lips onto mine.
I placed my hands on his chest to try and push him away, but he held onto the kiss and smirked in the kiss.
He pushed me against the wall and put his hands on my waist.
I wanted him to stop, but at the same time I liked it.
After a lot of force I kissed back, fully.
I hesitantly put my arms around his neck, he pulled away and looked at me. "That's more like it" he smirked and picked me up.
I placed my legs around his waist and let him place his lips on mine again.
He pulled away again, "I've actually always really liked you" he said really sincere and apologetic. "Zayn, I- I don't know" I said and sighed. 
"Don't know what?" He asked and set me on the counter while he stood between my legs.
"If your telling the truth" I sighed and looked into his eyes. 
"Trust me, I am" he said and picked me up again; pressing his lips to my jaw line.
He kissed all along my jaw line and back to my lips where he swiped his tongue along my bottom lip.
I opened my mouth and wrestled his tongue with mine.
He gently laid me on the cold tile, not breaking the kiss.
He soon laid down over me, holding himself up with his leg and arm.
He released and rested on his heels, he brought up his jacket and started fiddling with his belt buckle.
My eyes widened, "Zayn I can't. I'm not ready" I squealed and backed away.
"It's alright. I'll wait" he smiled and crawled next to me, and sat next to me.
"Zayn I should go" I whispered and stood up.
"Oh yeah. Alright" he said and stood up, he walked over to the door and opened it for me.
"Thanks" I trailed off and walked out. He walked behind me and back to Preston's room.
I walked into the kitchen and sat at the counter while mom and Christine cleaned the kitchen up.
"Mom can I sit in the car?" I asked and sighed, "of course" she smiled and handed me the car keys.
"Thanks" I kissed her cheek and walked outside.
I walked to the car and saw Harry walking by the house, I frantically pushed the key into the lock and turned it.
I looked up while wiggling the key around to try and unlock it, Harry looked up at me and started running to me.
I started panting and getting worried, I turned the key and got inside the car.
I locked it and balled up on the car chair. I turned my head to the window and Harry was standing there, looking into my eyes.
He held up his hand that had my jacket in it, I rolled the window down a bit and took it from him.
I rolled it back up and looked away, he knocked on the window.
I sighed and rolled the window back down a bit, "what?!" I asked .
"I-I'm sorry" he stuttered and looked down. "No. Harry, your not. Just go" I sighed. 
"Rose listen to me" he said eagirly, "fine" I sighed and unlocked the passenger side.

He walked around the car and got in, he closed the door behind him and stared blankly in front d him.
"What do you wanna talk about?" I asked and looked at him.
He looked at me, "us. What I did. What I said. How I treated you.." He trailed off and ran his fingers through his hair.
"Har-" he cut me off by slamming his lips to mine.
I kissed back almost immediatley, but was stunned by this unexpected moment.
I pushed him away from my lips and stared blankly into his eyes.
"Rose I-I I'm sorry" he gulped and held his face in his hands.
"Harry get out" I became stern.
"Bu-" "no. Get out now" I said and pointed to the door. 
"Fine. Have fun at school tomorrow" he said and stepped of the car.
He slammed the door shut and clenched his fist while he walked away from the car.
I watched him in the rear view mirror; picking up small rocks and slamming them on the ground.
God he was stubborn and rude.
I don't even know wtf happened between Zayn and I in the bathroom.
I doubt he actually likes me, nobody like likes me. Everybody is a bitchacho to me, except for my mum and Marcel.

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